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This Canadian Logistics Company Is Totally Disrupting the North American Shipping Industry

ShipCanada Is Disrupting the North American Shipping Industry

The Western hemisphere, particularly the regions in North America are home to globally recognized retail businesses of relatively any size. These businesses are catering to a broad range of customers in a highly saturated market. For every shipping company, growth and sustainability are the important business objectives which are often difficult to meet.

Meanwhile, logistics is a vital aspect of running a business venture, one that companies varying in size, structure, and business model have to get it right. Whether it is startups, companies in the SME sector or multi-billion dollar corporations, logistics can significantly be a factor which can make or break your operations. Specialized organizations handle the general practice of packaging and shipping of products or equipmentis handled by specialized organizations. However, there are underlying problems in the service model and standards which put forth a great number of challenges for businesses. Especially in the market like North America where the stake is high and numbers are to be met, the margin of error is relatively small. This has given birth to different strategic approaches that many companies employ in their logistics model to gauge maximum results and maintain service standards.

How do companies get it right?

Scaling up efforts to do a job correctly is not simply managed by freight companies but intermediaries that they hire. A vital example of a company representing North America’s leading freight services remains ShipCanada. Founded and run by Christopher Rowland, the company was previously called Equitrans Global Logistics but soon in 2007 as they revamped operations to focus more on the Canadian market, the company was rebranded to ShipCanada. The company’s business model is working as the intermediary between companies with goods to transport and freight carrying companies, mainly connecting them and managing the entire realm of operations. ShipCanada offers specialized services in the capacities of FTL, LTL, Flatbed, Refrigerated Trucking, and Air Shipment.

Taking over the market with a value-added service

Here is how they do it:

Payment method – Payment often becomes a pain problem and ShipCanada’s service model has introduced multiple options, according to the client’s preference. They offer credit terms for up to 30 days and normally accept credit cards for all initial transactions.

Integrated technology and automation – ShipCanada offers real-time tracking of every shipment. They utilize Transportation Management System (TMS) that is aimed to serve and offer the utmost convenience to the clients. It manages it through the integration of EDI and API. Ensuring complete transparency, the TMS technology allows shippers to track freight from all points of pickup to delivery. The interface allows you to track the shipment, get information on the load and rates. Plus, the automated booking option through TMS carries the advantage of instantly generating documents.

Pricing – Shipping goods can be an expensive affair especially when you are not a large corporation which has the liberty of choosing the best service and can certainly afford the price. Here, ShipCanada adds value to its cost-effective model and competitive rates. Also, the LTL component has the best rates in the market across North America.

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