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The Best Sports Charities That Have Made a Difference

The Best Sports Charities That Have Made a Difference

We’re on the helm of December and that means you’re going to start seeing a lot new year’s resolution posts on your timelines. We hope one of your resolutions also include donating to those in need a lot more generously than before. Charities have sprouted in millions across the world so the possibilities of donations, and that too of your own choice and liking, are endless. In case you haven’t decided what charity you would like to invest in, our recommendation would be youth sports charities.
They are a great way to help out the standard of sports on a local and international level, as well as giving those kids a chance who are not blessed to play their favorite sports. A lot of youth-centered programs could do wonders if they were funded properly and if you have kids of your own, you can empathize and know what an ounce of your donation could do.

1The Fresh Air Fund – Giving back only to the children of New York City, the mission of this organization is to welcome children to summer camps and sports activities. Those children that are suffering from financial hardship because of their families. Host families, donations and volunteer hours make for an invigorating experience for passionate kids.

2. Global Sports Foundation It’s a baseball-centered organization that provides gently used and new baseball gear to kids and adults globally as well as in the U.S. Something remarkable that they do alongside this donation is that they organize fundraisers and special events to help families with gruesome medical bills and pesky living expenses.

3. Project Fit AmericaProject Fit America provides schools with new equipment, training and the adequate material to keep a structured fitness program running so that your child never has to face the curse of obesity and lives a healthy lifestyle. So if you would like your donation to impact U.S schools, Project Fit America seems like a great “fit” for you.

4. Right to Play– Right to Play’s objective is to fund equipment, time and money to youth sports programs and health education systems in multiple countries over the globe. They develop sports programs as well so if you want to donate to a charity with high global outreach and make sure your funding puts smiles all across the world, this one seems like a great fit.

5. MacCall Youth Tennis Foundation – During his time in Las Vegas, George Russell MacCall has provided his time and effort to give back to the community. He’s one of the most decorated tennis players of the century and has even served as the commissioner for World Team Tennis along with winning tons of awards. Founded in 1988, the MacCall Youth Tennis Foundation brings together professional instructors, quality equipment and facilities to provide tennis opportunities for children of all income levels across the community. Through the foundation, as well as his work with the Las Vegas Inner City Games, the Boys & Girls Club, and Ace-Out Drugs programs, MacCall has provided free tennis lessons to more than 20,000 children in Las Vegas. Tennis is a highly growing sport and a lot of children could benefit from developing professional skill levels in a lucrative sports career like tennis.

Donating always creates a personal satisfaction and knowing that your hard-earned money not only brings prosperity to your household, but to so many other households all over the world – it’s like the cherry on top to make sure you sleep like a baby. Make sure to donate a lot in the coming year and be rewarded with blessings.

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