This year we’ve seen many wonderful (and some bizarre) interior design trends. Glass is a classic, elegant material to be using in our homes, and something that couldn’t ever go out of style. Decorating your home with timeless pieces is a smart move, preventing you from needing a design overhaul every year when your art-deco items fall out of fashion. Here’s a look into glass decorations we saw in 2018 for interior design, and an insight into what’s to come:


Use Of Glass In The Kitchen

Though including glass in your home does require a little maintenance to keep it shiny and clean, it can be worth it for the overall aesthetic. Glass in the kitchen is particularly on-trend, keeping in line with the bright and airy feel of the home. Many interior designers are even using glass for countertops and breakfast tables for a unique finish. As for decorations, using glass for containers such as cookies, coffee and tea have become an increasingly popular idea.

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A Glass Office Chair

A home office doesn’t need to be a separate room in the home. For many people, it can even be a conversion of their conservatory or outbuilding. If so, ditch the plain conservatory furniture in turn for a beautiful glass chair. This will make the room seem more open and bright. Transparent furniture keeps the space visually open and allows light to shine further into the room. Cover it with a fluffy seat cushion for extra comfort.


A Vase As A Decorative Piece

We often think of a vase as a necessity for storing flowers. Though, technically yes, it was its intended purpose, why not invest in a stylish vase? That way you can keep it on display constantly without needing to put it away once the flowers have run their course. A stunning vase can be a centrepiece on a shelf in the living room or take pride of place on a kitchen windowsill.

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The Classic Chandelier

A chandelier can instantly add elegance and grace to any room.  The price tag for glass chandeliers has significantly decreased in recent years, making them an attainable option for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their hallway or entrance hall. The clear crystal shapes dangling from the ceiling will dramatically lift the space. They even look wonderful in an array of colours, why play it safe when you can create a beautiful look with a variety of colours?


The Use Of Glass In The Garden

Though it may be too late for this year to start decorating the garden, there’s plenty of time to get ahead of the curve with predicted trends in 2019. Ambient lighting can bring your garden to life, making it a comfortable outdoor space to spend more time in. Set some lights up around your luxury outdoor furniture and around the trees for a wonderfully atmospheric feel whenever you’re dining alfresco or have guests over.