A lot can depend on successful shop fitout in any business. It requires that you take into account a lot of factors like color, branding, and lighting to the very least. Therefore, it is not an easy task and will require some finesse to pull it off perfectly.

However, sometimes the budget may be a problem since fitouts tend to turn out expensive. But with some strategic ideas, you can still get the best concepts without spending too much. To help you with that, here are the best tips that will turn your shop into a perfectly designed space.

  1. Use decluttering

No one likes messy or crowded store designs. Customers get tired pretty quickly with trying to find what they need and you may lose them forever. On the other side, you will have a hard time keeping track of your items for retagging the prices or restocking.

When a store is small, it’s hard to keep it decluttered, but with some finesse, you will be able to do so efficiently. Use tables with storage space on the bottom to store excess items and leave the above surface to serve for displaying. Install shelves, create power walls, and leave enough space between the racks so your customers can move.

  1. Store zones and messages they carry

The easiest way for successful shop fitout is if you designate zones in your store. That way, you can assign a different message to each zone and promote more of your items. Furthermore, this strategy gives you a clear overview of your inventory and encourages your customers to buy more.

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For example, consider retail counter as a point of sale you can use to display smaller items, like socks, wallets or greeting cards. Use front of the store for first impressions, but also outside of the store to highlight certain offer or items. Even changing rooms and restrooms are ideal for displaying certain messages, if there is enough space to do it effectively.

  1. Keep your shop clean

Cleaning may be an annoying task, but if not done regularly you will notice the customers avoiding your shop. If the business looks dirty from the outside, the customers will most likely give it a wide berth. However, this doesn’t mean that simple washing of windows and dusting will do.

In order to keep your store impeccable, you will need to designate daily and weekly chores to clean and maintain the space. This even includes cleaning the area where your employees spend their break time and have lunch. Hire a professional service to do the cleaning, but make sure that to include this expense in your budget.

  1. Work on lighting

One of the cheapest tricks that will help you improve the overall look of your store is lighting. Many stores tend to overlook the influence a good lighting can have on the customers. But those who know how to use it, have a steady number of customers at all times.

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For example, shopping malls use bright light so their customers can have the better look at the quality of materials and colors. Some stores get more creative and use Edison lights and spotlighting to highlight certain areas. You can even have fun with different colors of lights and neon signs if your budget permits it.

  1. Charm your customers

Start charming your customers right at the entrance of the store with the presentation of the certain products. That way you will be able to interest them to browse around and help them decide what to buy. Carefully designed shop fitout and a theme will make this fixture a perfect way to attract more customers and promote your offer.

Use small tables and sales racks to create these fixtures throughout the entire store as well. Just make sure you don’t place them too close to each other to avoid cluttering the space. Also, rotate the products regularly so your customers would observe the range of your offer and not get bored quickly.

  1. Appeal to senses

When you decide on a certain design, think about other senses you can appeal to with your customers. The best way to complete the whole presentation of your products is by using music and scents to inspire store visitors. Of course, they need to be matched perfectly in order to create stimuli that will help the customers’ decision-making process.

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Studies even prove this combination an ideal strategy to encourage customers to purchase certain products or frequently visit the same store. Use Spotify to play sounds and position oil diffusers strategically so that the scents don’t overwhelm the visitors.

  1. Add a power wall

Power wall is another efficient way to draw the attention of your customers the moment they enter the store. Use this spot to display items on sale or the ones that are currently in trend or hot selling. With this installation, you will help your customers find the newest products or those they can buy on discount.

Also, the power wall can serve to promote certain brands or group of products, like laundry detergents, sweaters or smartphones. Customers like to know they have more than one choice and preferably to be able to compare them. With the power wall, you can easily do so while at the same time you will also boost the sale of certain items.

All in all

Before you start with designing your shop interior, take a good look at the space you have. The secret of successful shop fitout is to use the available areas to attract more customers and promote your inventory. After all, that way the customers will find what they are looking for and your business will be a success.