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3 Ways to Help You Retain Your Sales Reps

If you have been in a position of leadership you would know that retaining talent that might have just helped you grow your business from the ground up is very difficult to retain. You have to give equal attention to the individuals as you do to your business.

It does hurt when the people you relied on or saw working with in the future decide that it is not the place for them, the consoling bit is that you are not alone, the bad thing is that like you not a lot of people know exactly why sales representatives leave and how to make them feel satisfied working for you.

Here are the top three ways you can retain your sales talent.

1.    Always Have an Opportunity of Growth

Give the people something to aspire to, but make it realistic. The top performers perform to grow, do not disappoint them and strip them of this motivation. The moment they realize that there is no longer any room to grow or that it would not be possible for them to climb up the corporate ladder in your corporation they will feel they are wasting their time working in your business and will start looking for a place that gives them something to work towards.

The way you offer this growth can be in various forms. For example provide a compensation, or a title to responsibilities which will allow you to focus on other things after you have delegated. The trick is to keep raising the stakes at just the right frequency to keep your people engaged.

2.    Create a Culture They Don’t Want to Leave

Most people think of a ping pong table or a free beverage bar. This is not necessary something people will miss when they decide to leave your employment. Sales culture takes a while to build and it definitely requires the right mind sets to make it happen. You want to be a workplace that is dedicated towards helping your customers and are always advocating a compelling mission.

To do this you should start by empowering all of your employees. Every encounter must encompass this, every meeting must make them feel like an essential cog in the project as they rightly are. They will believe in your vision and they will believe in their roles more than they did before. A good sales person is one who is excited to come to work every day. This is important for employees but also for freelancers who you have found through outsourcing platforms.

3.    Always Set Clear Expectations

It is very important that your sales rep understands what you expect of them and what their targets are translated by the milestones you see for your company. A neat way to do this is to make a frame work which lists these expectations. After this you must list measurable milestones and then also provide a tool that will measure progress of all the reps in a fair manner. When everyone understands what their role is it is easier to cut through the noise and perform your best.

There is a very different feeling and motivation behind working with a clear target in your head. It makes it easier to achieve them, and gives the employee autonomy over managing their efforts to achieve it, something which many business do not do. Many times an employee leaves because objectives are too cluttered or not communicated well for them to understand exactly what they are supposed to do to excel. The most disappointing of them all is when management forgets to communicate these expectations at all and only decide to reveal them during a year-end review or an appraisal at which point the sales rep feels they could have done better if they knew.

Owing the Road to Exponential Growth

Every business operates with a unique business model allowing it to gain profits with efficiency. Svetlana Ustinova’s business model was simple but effective. She realized how difficult it is for iPhone users to sell their product. Tapping just the right market, Svetlana launched her company by the name, “IGotOffer”. The module for this business was fairly straightforward. ‘Sell us your used Apple products”. The company was invested only in purchasing and selling these devices previously, however, it has now stepped into the area of repairs as well.

Rising to Fame

As it stands, there were quite a number of people who wanted to get rid of their Apple product. eased their trouble of going on the market and trading, and instead, allowed them to sell their product directly to their company. even paid the shipping costs if any incurred. It did not take long for the company to start making money. bought these products and went either of the ways: it would either refurbish the set and put it back on the market for another user who wants a pre-used Apple product, or it would simply dismantle the phone and sell the parts individually. The business was also a blessing in disguise as it also kept the environment from getting polluted by e-waste. Svetlana’s company started off by dealing in Apple products, since the exponential expansion of the company, it has also started dealing in Samsung and Google products as well.

Due Recognition in place began its operations with an income of a little over 0.2M back in 2011. Svetlana’s hard work and dedication, partnered with her lucrative business idea, led her company to become one of the marvels of the US market with a staggering 1000% increase in a mere period of three years. According to Business Insider, stood among the top 500 companies in 2017 in terms of growth. As per the 2018 rankings, the company has jumped from a position of 496 in 2017 to 369 in 2018, which goes to show the sheer dedication and drive this company has in order to succeed. was given a rating of 9.7/10 by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2013. In the year 2018, the year-on-year growth rate of this company has gone on to a jaw-dropping 1344%. Its revenues are well past the $6.1M back in 2017.

Although was founded by Svetlana Ustinova in 2010, its operations began in 2011. There is no doubt in saying that the year lost at the beginning in setting the company up was well-covered in the years to come. continues to grow at such astounding rates and aims to reach the top 100 companies in INC 5000 list of top 500 companies. It staffs a total of 13 people spread across its stores at different locations, with the headquarters situated at New York, United States. To learn more about the exquisite business module of, or to become a customer, simply visit their website:

Jason Stone—An Entrepreneurial Prodigy

Charisma. Persistence. Flair. These are the ingredients that constitute the character of a present-day influencer. This is a trio instilled in Jason Stone, a 39-year-old entrepreneur, and motivator, who enjoy his success and strives to share it with the world.

Jason started off by pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Akron, and with a surprising turn of event, ended up being one of the widely known mentors of the modern world. He owns an Instagram account with over 3M followers to date.

The Stepping Stones

Jason tapped into his money-making talent when he got the idea to sell used car parts from a junkyard to wholesalers for the nominal price. Furthermore, the soon-to-be engineer also had a thing for guiding and mentoring his friends and family in different arrays of life.

After completing his degree, he turned his part-time work into a full-time job by starting a company called, “Treadstone Performance Engineering”. The new venture was, of course, launched with numerous upgrades from his previous-side-business. Treadstone Performance Engineering was launched in 2006 and continues to operate online with hefty profits.

Later in 2013, he also invested in his friend’s startup “The Local Door Coupons” where he received enormous success and managed to elevate the profits tenfold. By the end of 12 months with the company, Jason had launched 50 franchises of the business across the nation.

Meet the Millionaire Mentor

Jason’s innate desire to mentor surfaced when he launched his dedicated Instagram account—Millionaire Mentor. Previously, he did offer motivational lessons through his personal accounts but that concluded as he had to shut them all down due to the home burglary.

It took ‘Millionaire Mentor’ only a year to reach a million followers. Jason has crossed 3M followers on this account to date and is continuing to go forth with each passing day. He offers paid mentorship lessons for new ventures, motivational content, and social media consultancy to make sure that others can benefit from his experiences through the years.

Fame and Fortune

Jason Stone is a successful entrepreneur of the modern day. He made $8M in retail sales in 2017, received various awards for surpassing sales targets. He also continued to do philanthropy and donates a portion of all his earnings to charity. He has also appeared in various major releases like Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur,, FourHundred Magazine, Home Business Magazine, and several others who have mentioned Jason as one of the leading mentors and entrepreneurs of the modern age.

Jason Stone is on a mission to impact over a billion people with his efforts. He continues to work at Millionaire Mentor while running his other business ventures on the side. Jason is happily married to Cristina Stone and has 2 children. He can be reached through his Instagram @Millionaire_Mentor. Further information on his life and his current ventures can be found on his website