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4 Benefits Social Media Brings For Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers have discovered that social media can give them a competitive edge. As firms accelerate the adoption of social strategies, they have enjoyed remarkable results. Increased communication capabilities can, by themselves, result in high levels of customer satisfaction and thereby promote loyalty.

Similarities exist between consumers and business customers, so many of the principles that apply to retailers can also transform the B2B world. As a manufacturer, you can use social media to make your brand shine.

As with any type of social media strategy, the success of your social media presence depends on the choices that you make.

You must, for example, choose the sites that your target market prefers. After all, spreading your message will not accomplish much if you fail to connect with the right people. Additionally, social media offers the following benefits that can boost profitability and growth for your manufacturing firm.

Increases Brand Awareness

If no one knows that your company exists, sales will be a perpetual problem for your company. Social media changes that by giving you a chance to define and promote your brand.

Start by evaluating the factors that separate you from other manufacturers and highlight those differences as you share your story online.

Details of the manufacturing industry might bore casual readers, so making your message bubbly and compelling might challenge you. As you become familiar with social platforms and their users, however, you will likely discover creative ways to give your brand personality and make your products come alive.

A Twitter account, for example, can add qualities to your brand. Similarly, if you add Facebook to your strategy, you have a way to establish the authority of your brand and become a recognized expert in your field.

As you add value to the marketplace, your customers will naturally start regarding you as the preferred source of the product that they need.

Promote your company by taking your audience behind the scenes at your company so they can get to know the faces and technologies that make your brand so fantastic. Additionally, you can create video tours and craft outstanding product demonstrations and post them on YouTube.

Although you might not make direct sales pitches, the increased brand awareness that you gain will inevitably grow your customer base.

Improves Customer Service

Some businesses have developed customer service excellence as a competitive advantage. If you want to attract and retain customers, social media gives you an opportunity to put your customer service on display.

Even when a customer leaves a negative remark, your audience will have a chance to see that your company will always try to find a satisfactory solution.

Social media gives your customers a platform to share their experiences with your products and brand. As a result, you can influence future buying decisions as new prospects read those product reviews and testimonials.

You can also use social media to ensure that your audience has access to all essential product information and support.

Customers can use social media to communicate problems with your products. In response to feedback, your team can quickly address production issues and modify documentation. Moreover, you may also realize substantial savings in terms of money and reputation.

Assists Product Development

Bringing a product to market requires a substantial investment and involves significant risks. By integrating social media into your product development strategy, you can better understand the needs of your market and design products that precisely meet those needs.

Customers, therefore, may find that your products suit their needs better than those of your competitors.

Create an engaging social media presence that encourages people to share their needs and expectations with you. Doing so will convey your commitment to quality and service as well as your effort to put the needs of others ahead of your desire for immediate profits.

Also, when you respond to customer needs, you will create a solid reputation in your industry that will lead to increased sales.

Rather than waiting for your new product to reach customers, try using social media to present your functioning prototype. A prototype will allow you to test your product and see where improvements can be made.

You can get instant feedback from your customers on social media that will help you avoid embarrassing product failures in the marketplace and improve the compatibility of your products with their intended users.

The information you receive from social media can also help you identify and respond to changing market demands.

 Helps Build Business Relationships

Social media makes sense because it opens communications with everyone involved with your business, including your partners, investors, and suppliers.

LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network makes communicating with stakeholders easy and also opens doors to new relationships that can help your business thrive.

While your competitors might use LinkedIn to keep tabs on you and other firms in your industry, you can use the site to meet the people who can join your team and become a part of your success.

The relationships that you build on LinkedIn often have long-term potential by introducing you to additional resources or being available as the needs of your company evolve.

Although the business contacts that you make on LinkedIn can contribute to the success of your company, you should also realize that many of the businesses that use the site could become your customers.

You must, therefore, remember to add value to the community, build the authority of your brand and always respond to inquiries.

Wrapping it Up

Social media makes sense for manufacturing companies more now than ever before. Careful planning, understanding your market and choosing the best possible platforms will get your social media strategy off to a good start.

As you interact on social media, you can spread awareness of your brand and use customer service as a marketing tool.

As a manufacturer, social media offers you a chance to improve your product development processes to meet the needs of your customers better and minimize the cost of design flaws.

In addition to all the benefits of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can use LinkedIn to build your business connections and attract new customers.

With social media, your manufacturing company can look forward to a successful and profitable future.

10 Signs You Should Apply To An MBA Program

Doing an MBA is very different from your conventional programs. The key is to learn how to apply knowledge in real-life situations. It’s like project management on another level. MBA graduates do great in their career because they have the ability to solve problems easily and come up with sustainable solutions.

Even if you took a break between your studies, it is highly acceptable to do so. After working for a while, you might have the energy to work on your statement of purpose for mba. A lot is required throughout this program, but there are signs that you can recognized, which means you are ready for the challenge.

1. Bored in Career

If you ever find yourself in a job that is draining everything out of you, but not in an exciting way, it may be a sign. Perhaps you need s challenge to get you out of that current job and into a better prospect.

2. Goal Driven

Some people are driven by achieving goals and it can be a good sign to attempt an MBA. Going into an MBA program with this mind-set is going to take you far. You are going to do a great job at the business statement of purpose because you are driven.

3. Lots of experience

Work experience is going to help you perform better when doing an MBA. This is not to say that you cannot attempt it straight after your degree. If you have gained valuable work experience, you should talk yourself into doing an MBA.

4. Support

Getting to that stage in your life where you have a good support base is a great time to do an MBA. A lot of graduates will tell you that it is almost impossible to do this without support. When you sit with that mba sop and you are stressed out, it would be nice to have someone to tell you to keep going.

5. Better opportunities

A lot of people feel stuck in a job that they cannot see themselves doing for a long time. Even if you are not necessarily bored at work, does not mean that you love it. If you believe that you will have better opportunities after doing your MBA, go for it.

6. Possible promotion

If there is a promotion that you will only get if you have an MBA, you should do it. Even if you do not get the promotion at the end of it all, you will still have your MBA to help you find something better.

7. No results

Sometimes one takes all the right steps without much results. This can be a sign to start your MBA. If you do all the right things but nothing is changing, there might be a lack.

8. You know it all

There comes a point at work when you have learned as much as is possible. We need motivation to evolve and without anything new to learn, you can find yourself in a rut. Before you even get to this point, take on the MBA challenge and see your life improve.

9. Inner Voice

Even if you do not experience any of these signs, you might have an inner yearning to get it done. If this was something that is on your list of goals, a time will come when you know you’re ready.

10. Doubt

Do you ever doubt that you will be able to complete your MBA? This is a sign that you have to do it. Going through life with this doubt is going to result in you backing out of a lot of challenges and risks. Get it behind you to open up any other challenges you are willing to take on.

5 Business Recovery Tips To Help Organizations Deal With Insolvency

Insolvency is perhaps the biggest fear and challenge for any business because it can even lead to something as drastic as closure. There are also chances that your organization may fall prey to expensive court procedures, which can result in loss of reputation and sometimes dissolution. Therefore, it becomes important to pay heed to the issue if you feel that your business is at the brink of insolvency. The clear red flag that indicates this is the inability to keep up with your financial obligations and maintain your cash flow. When you come across any such symptoms, it is time to start thinking about business recovery so that you can rescue your enterprise before it is too late. Here are some measures that you can take to protect your organization from insolvency.

  1. Focus on your strengths- the best customers

Every business has a diverse customer base, namely the ones who are your strength and the others who are your weakness. When the company faces a financial crisis, it should focus on the best customers. These are the ones who are not too hard to persuade and are always willing to pay the invoices on time. You can improve the regular cash flow by concentrating on the reliable and profitable buyers. This is not the best time to try expanding your customer base as there is no surety that they will lucrative in terms of timely payments. With this comes the risk of blocking your funds and increasing your marketing investment, both not being the best things for a company that is struggling financially.

  1. Cut down costs to repay the creditors

Besides improving your cash flow, you should also try to reduce your debt burden if you want to deal with financial crisis effectively. Cutting costs is a great idea and it is even better if you can redeem the saving to pay off the creditors. This will give you a dual benefit, firstly by reducing the day-to-day expenses and secondly by alleviating the burden of interest on your business loan and credit. Cost cutting can be availed by saving on salaries as well as operational costs such as purchase of equipment and marketing. The focus should rather be only on the core business activities that are to be carried on to sustain through the tough time. If you pay up the creditors at such a time, the reputation of the business will improve and investors will be willing to help you when in need.

  1. Call in all the outstanding debts

When the threat of bankruptcy is looming, it is advisable to lean back on all your resources first. While the business may have some creditors they need to pay off, there may also be some debtors who owe money to it. This is the best time to call in all the outstanding debts and procure the funds to stabilize your position. The amount so received can be used for improving the cash flow or paying off some urgent loans, as the need may be. Connect with your debtors and send them reminder notices to pay as soon as possible. You can get help from a debt collection company to ensure quick recovery if some debtors fail to pay back despite reminders.

  1. Explore different funding options

Another measure to enable business recovery in the event of an impending insolvency is to explore all the funding options that are available to your business. Borrowing cash is an excellent option if you are eligible for a bank loan. Alternatively, you may try to procure funds from a private lender if the interest rates are not exorbitant. You can pledge some of the corporate assets to get out of a sticky situation. Releasing the asset will be easy once your business is back on track.

  1. Seek professional expertise

If you are too hassled by the thought of going bankrupt in the near future, availing insolvency advice from the experts may be the best thing to do. There are several professional companies that are engaged in such services and advice the financially struggling businesses about ways to improve their position. From guiding about improvement of daily cash flow to debt management advice and procurement of funds, there are numerous services that they offer.

Facing insolvency can be stressful for any business owner but the right planning and action can save them from losing the business. Having an expert to assist you is the best option to recover your business and handle the threat of falling prey to insolvency.

The History of Photocopy Machines Unveiled

The History of Photocopy Machines Unveiled.

The photocopy machine has many names. It is also called a photocopier, a copy machine or directly copier. It is a handy machine used in every office and school and other business establishments. The device and its usefulness became too familiar that no one even bothers to think where it came. How about you? Have you ever thought about where Houston copier originated? Or have you ever considered how life was before its invention? Office life before the birth of photocopiers was a lot more difficult than now. Everything that needs a copy had to be done by hand or by typing. Its invention led to a revolutionary phase in different establishments and offices for various industries. And since we’re on the topic, it is indeed interesting to know how it came.

The Invention Phase

The brilliant man behind this invention was a patent attorney, inventor, and researcher named Chester Carlson. Part of his job in New York at a patent office to make many copies of thousands of relevant documents. He found this job difficult, frustrating and costly; thus he started to research photoconductivity. He was able to successfully invent the method of copying images from one paper to another through the use of static electricity. His first successful experiment took place in Queens, New York on October 22, 1938, by which he wrote “10-22-35 Astoria” on a piece of paper. Thus, the beginning of electrophotography.

The Development Stage

Carlson took 15 years to complete his invention, but he was also careful to patent every progress he made.  He gave the process of electrophotography a new name, Xerography. This invention became the most famous innovation of the mid-20th century. Carlson, on the other hand, received acclaims of different sorts all over the world. He also garnered vast wealth, but before that, he took ten years to find a company willing to develop his invented process. When the Haloid company agreed to build Xerography, it wasn’t long before it became a billion-dollar industry. The company soon became known as the Xerox Corporation.

It was in 1955 when Haloid introduced the Copyflo which is the first automated photocopy machine. It was only in 1958, however, when they produced the first commercial copier. It was called Xerox 914. It became very popular all over the world that it sold thousands rapidly. It was this invention that made Haloid’s income soared from $2 million to a staggering $22 million in just a short span of three years.

The Birth of Competition

Competition is inevitable in every market. Even with its astounding success, other companies tried to compete with Xerox Corporation. In 1955, Ricoh started to make a name as the main competitor for Xerox. There were also many other brands like Minolta, Toshiba, Sharp, Canon, Konica and many others who tried to produce smaller versions of business copiers. It proved to be an exciting challenge for the company. Their efforts to stay on top and become a brand name for every office proved successful when everyone started using terms such as “Xerox machine” and “Xeroxing.”

The Present

At present, Xerox still holds a name in the photocopying industry; however, many other brands also became reputable and well-known. There are hundreds of developments that surfaced and was widely accepted.

Why is link building important for SEO

What is Link building?

First things first, a hyperlink is basically just any link that forms a bridge from one page to another on the internet. The process of putting up these hyperlinks on the pages of your website is called link building. Search engine’s radars usually scan for these links to see how well they connect various pages on a website or how they link up the website to another external website.

Link building can be accomplished in a number of ways and according to recent statics, it is the hardest part of search engine optimization. As a result many spend a lot of time tweaking this aspect in a bid to stay head and shoulders above the competition and other SEOs. If that is your goal as well, then it’s important that you learn the ropes of building top-notch links.

The importance of link building for SEO

1) It can boost your Google rankings
Links are considered an essentially ranking aspect by Google’s search engine as it usually taken to depict the quality of a website. The thinking behind this is that when another third party decides to put their links on a certain webpage, it is basically a measure of the confidence they have in the website; akin to how a good restaurant will get a lot of referrals. Going by that logic, a website embedded with considerable hyperlinks will therefore fare much better on the Google ranking scale.

However, the manner in which you acquire such links is of the essence as many have found a way around the ranking algorithm to tip the scales in their favor. Consequently, Google has singled out certain methods of adding links- e.g. link building through web directory submissions- terming them as over-optimization so if you want to stay within their good books, its best to go the way of white hat SEO optimization techniques.

2) Builds rapport with other parties
Often industry stakeholders will reach out to related websites who they think are best placed to push their product or service forward in accordance with a specialized niche. If you produce good content related to what these players in the industry are looking for, then you are bound to interact with some of the big names and forge essential long-term relationships that therefore speak volumes about your business’ credibility.

3) An upturn in referral traffic
A link from a more established website is great news for a struggling or up and coming website as it could be the lending hand it needs to push it into its own stride. If the website providing your links gets massive traffic and your content is somewhat related to theirs, then you’ll also get a significant spillover of traffic from your link provider which will increase your traffic and this is essentially the primary goal of SEO.

4) Brand building
Honest link building methods like creating quality content can help cement your brand as a reputable one. If, for instance, you obtain some industry data and use to make a niche-related publishing, then you are bound to be recognized for a job well done. Moreover, reaching out to other websites indicates your level of expertise in the matter which will go a long in putting in a good word for your brand.

And that’s the lowdown on linking building and its relevance to SEO in a nutshell.

Why Don’t People Choose Bandhan Bank Personal Loan?

Loans are a debt taken for a particular period of time. The borrowers repay the loan for the chosen tenure and approved rate for the loan amount they have taken. Bandhan Bank is one of the new lenders people have and maybe that is the reason people not so easily apply at this lender.

In this article, we have shared the interest rates offered by top banks including the features of Bandhan Bank personal loan. These details will help you in choosing the best option for yourself and maybe end up with the one best for you.

Bandhan Bank Personal Loan

  • Loan within 2 working days
  • Tenure from 12 to 36 months
  • Low interest rate and processing fees
  • Flexible tenure option

Bandhan Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

The interest rates available for personal loans vary from 14% to 17.86% per annum.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Interest rate

ICICI Bank calculates the final interest rate on the basis of MCLR and Base Rate. Presently, the rates are one of the lowest personal loan interest rates in India with the rates from 10.99% per annum onwards.

SBI Bank Personal Loan Interest rate

SBI personal loans are available at floating rate of interest based on 2-year MCLR which is presently 8.10% p.a. The personal loan interest rates are starting from 11.85% per annum.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan Interest rate

If you want to apply for a personal loan at HDFC Bank, you can get the lowest rate of 10.99% per annum. The bank has recently reduced the rate and is offering a higher loan amount as well.

Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Interest rate

You all know that when it comes to personal loans, Bajaj Finserv/Finance is an unbeatable match. The lender offers personal loans to salaried individuals only and is presently offering the loan at the starting rate of 10.99% per annum.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Personal Loan Interest rate

Kotak Mahindra Bank has not only made its way in the market by taking an initiative of Kotak 811 plans (the facility to open an account via mobile app) but is also one of the best personal loan providers in India. At present, the loan is offered at the starting rate of 10.99% per annum with the facility of a higher loan amount.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Let us suppose that you have applied for a personal loan at Bandhan Bank and want to check your future so as to be prepared for the payment and manage your finances accordingly. Your loan amount is ₹15 lakhs, the tenure of 5 years and has been offered the interest rate of 15.50% p.a. by Bandhan Bank that is:

  • Loan Amount- ₹15,00,000
  • Tenure-5 years
  • Interest Rate- 15.50% p.a.

The payments from your end will be as follows:

EMI: ₹36,080

Total Interest Outgo- ₹6,64,787

Total Amount (Interest + Principal) – ₹21,64,787

Are You Planning To Go Into Advertising?

Advertising industry is considered the most profitable after real estate transactions and antiques market. After all, with the rapid growth of goods and services on the market, the need for their promotion is increasing. This way advertising, which is supplied by advertising agencies, companies and private self-employed specialists, is needed.

Advertising business is developing in many areas. The main are public relations, direct marketing, promotion of goods and services, advertising at points of sale, exhibition activities and others.

Are You Planning To Go Into Advertising?

Let’s consider some directions of business, which advertising agencies can offer:

  • development and creation of outdoor advertising;
  • polygraphy;
  • PR;
  • website development;
  • advertising in the media and much more.

The advertising agency should create a “unique” product, which will be suitable for both the customer and the owner of advertising business.

In addition, the advertising agency, providing its services, should:

  • observe certain standards;
  • study particularly and reliably the advertised product, to reveal all its advantages and disadvantages;
  • analyze the product or service market, find potential customers;
  • take into account seasonal and geographical factors.

An important factor in the advertising business is creative and professional staff. Some small advertising agencies have in their state only a couple of employees, who take orders and implement them personally. Such agencies, in general, are engaged in the distribution of advertisements in newspapers and in the Internet. More developed companies may have several areas of their activities, and this, naturally, increases the number of their employees. In addition to full-time employees (designers, sellers, specialists in the promotion and sale of goods on the Internet), they attract freelancers.

Are You Planning To Go Into Advertising?

Another important factor for successful upturn in the advertising business is the development of a business plan. To do this, it is necessary to carefully study the demand, conduct an analysis of the advertising market and determine the outcome with your trend of activities. This will determine which staff is to be hired, what kind of premises is needed and how much office equipment is needed.

The advertising business includes cooperation with other firms that ensure the functioning of advertising agencies – printing houses, workshops, and mass media companies. The choice of business partners should be approached as carefully as possible, concluding deliberate cooperation agreements.

Like any business, for promotion and development, the advertising business needs advertising as well. Each advertising agency seeks to develop its corporate identity, to make itself known on the Internet and at the media.

If you decided to start an advertising business, then you need to know what types or formats of advertising agencies exist in general, which is right for you and the specifics of the region in which you will work.

Before opening an advertising agency, specify its format for yourself. A competently organized advertising business has chances to gain a client base and pay off in three months. In addition to commercial advertising, there are other types of advertising. For example, political advertising, religious advertising, social. The main leading directions now are Internet advertising (placement of advertising information, promotion of goods and services on the network), outdoor advertising (any visual information that is on external media or structures) and internal advertising. All this is the commercial advertising.

Trackside advertising hoardings at Kilburn station

Advertising only at first seems easy, so if you are far from the advertising business, it is better to hire a professional, who is familiar with the specifics of the work. The place and appearance of the office are practically of no significance. After all, your employees will come to the customers themselves. A convenient way to reach the customer is to hire a car at 14cars.

Nevertheless, the office is needed. To equip the office you should purchase:

  1. The PC
  2. Printer
  3. Scanner
  4. Copier
  5. Multichannel telephone numbers, the Internet connection and a company network.

Buying the research data, which is necessary for planning, is important in the advertising business as well. This means, mainly, media audience measurements. Researchers are usually done when needed. A full subscription to the media is expensive even for a big agency.

Here is an indicative list of personnel that is needed in the advertising business:

  1. Two designers. One – for creative work (creates a product), the other – for layout.
  2. Two sellers;
  3. Specialist in media buying;
  4. Creator – the expert on creation of concepts of creative products;

If you are engaged, basically, in creation of firm style and advertising breadboard models, it is expedient to you to work only with freelancers (creation of texts, slogans), hiring even an off-site accountant. Employees, who are having community ties, will provide the firm with a flow of orders. These ties are important even when working with large customers.

The advertising agency can advertise themselves, with the help of souvenirs, banners, and advertising in the media. Sometimes community ties provide unique opportunities for the company. For example, a possibility to place your advertising in an exclusive location. That is why, in this business, success comes to creative, sociable managers, able to attract attention and interest. Important is the ability to think outside the box and create advertising that will make the consumer be fond of the advertised brand and make a second purchase.

Are You Planning To Go Into Advertising?

The main feature of the advertising business is that it can be started without special investment, and it will pay off quickly. It is only necessary to determine correctly the trend and form of activity. You should realize that advertising business is, first of all, the provision of services. In other words, the final product, the advertising itself, must reach the maximum goals, without improvement, must be performed qualitatively and on time, while having reasonable price.

10 Tips To Strike A Good Work-Life Balance

The phrase “work-life-balance” may be used a lot, but, how much importance do we really give in implementing it to our daily lives that is still questionable.

If you are one of those people who is completely satisfied with your working hours- then great for you. Maybe you are following your passion and your work does not seem to be like work at all hence you derive that high level of satisfaction. Or, it could also be, you know to keep yourself stress free and have great working hours.

However, if you are one of those who get stressed out and are looking for ways to strike the perfect balance between work and life, here we have compiled tips for you to follow:

1. Understand what is causing your work-life-imbalance:

Why are you working so hard? Is it really necessary for you to stay at work for so long? Are you simply working without a right direction? Are you following expectations or benchmarks set by people around?

Find out what is the core reason why you are undergoing so much of pressure. Take a step back and try to see clearly for yourself what you can do in order to change that and bring about a little more organization and balance to your life.

2. Work smartly:

Now that you have come to understand the causes of your stress, now work smartly.

What does it mean?

It means you need to first of all prioritize your work and set standards (attainable) for yourself. Then, avoid work which seems to be out of structure. For example, is that meeting really necessary to attend? If the answer is no, then cut it out.

There is a misconception that working for longer hours will bring in better results. But, that is so not the case. The productivity is at its peak when the stress levels are optimum. Too much of stress and work will simply kill you productivity.

3. Do not bring work home

This is the golden rule to follow. Leave your work at your work place; when you come back home, give time to yourself or your family.

Say you are working so hard for your kids- but, it would be a pity if you are not able to form a strong bond with them.

You can also consider this – you are working so hard to have a good life but if it comes at the cost of your health and well-being, it really is not worth it.

So leave your work at the office – closure is extremely important.

4. Perfectionism can be harmful:

If you fret about every little detail that is going wrong, chances are high that you will end up being frustrated and taking more time to complete something which you could have otherwise completed real quick.

STOP! You do not need to do that. Reviewing your work is extremely important but, it is more important to draw the line and understand where you can cut yourself some slack.

5. Stay away from work e-mail:

Once you are done with your working hours, keep yourself away from your work inbox. It will simply add to stress that you do not really need to take.

If there is something that your team needs to communicate with you urgently, ask them to simply give you a call.

6. Learn to say “NO”:

If you find yourself saying “YES” to every unreasonable demand your colleagues or superiors makes at work, you need to seriously re-consider your actions.

According to The Mental Health Foundation, it is very important for employees to speak up and when they feel that work is getting to them.

7. Organize your life:

As much as it sounds cliché, keep a diary which you can use to track down your daily activities or plan your week.

What to include? The time you keep for yourself (including spa-time), family, chores, friends and everything else in between.

This will help you to get rid of tasks that would have otherwise taken up a lot of your time.

8. Take care of your mind and your body: 

Your health is very important. Take some time out for exercise and meditation.

The daily stress is bound to get to you and the daily physical and mental workout is definitely going to be and outlet for the stress.

9. Set rules for others:

If you are instantly ready to jump into any assigned task or are always available for your colleagues, you have to stop that.

Firstly, you need to set a time frame for each task completion and secondly, you need to make your colleagues understand that you have a time frame within which you can get back to them – be it 2 hours or 20. You need to set boundaries for your own well-being.

10. Make your own rules:

You have to understand that people are going to have expectations from you at work.

It is not that you are not going to give your best shot. You will and that can be achieved if you set rules for yourself. For example, if people expect a work to be done in a particular way which you find unproductive. Then, ignore the process and get the work done in the process which you think will bring about the highest levels of productivity.

In other words, learn to ignore what you should have done and do what is the right thing to do as long as it serves your purpose and your work is complete.

There you go; we have outlined some basic steps that you can follow, in order to strike a balance between your work and life.

Remember, your health and well-being is of utmost importance, so you need to take care of yourself!

When Should You Buy Term Insurance?

We often think about the best time to buy term insurance and the security that it can bring to the future. To be very honest, whether you are planning to start a family or are working in a big firm, term insurance can provide financial security in terms of a large corpus at your disposal, only when you start early. The best part of term insurance is that it costs much lower than other life insurance products and you have to pay only a small percentage of your total annual income. The biggest benefit of term insurance is that it provides more coverage than your current yearly salary. Hence, when it comes to a term insurance, don’t wait until your late thirties to invest. Lock your premium amount with term insurance now and offer the best risk cover to your loved ones.

What Does Term Insurance Cover?

Term insurance is a life cover plan that grants coverage for a fixed period to secure the family during certain uncertainties. Within this period if the insured dies, a death benefit is provided to the family members, which means it offers pure life cover. However, if the insured survives during this tenure, no payout is made. It is a basic plan which does not involve profits or a saving component. The policyholder can easily opt for larger life cover at low premium rates. But this doesn’t imply that the only benefit you get is the sum assured on death; it also provides critical illness coverage which can be opted for or can be availed as a built-in feature. You can also choose accidental death benefit on top of the existing plan of term insurance. There are very few companies which have started providing it as a part of the policy. Apart from these, few insurance companies also offer permanent disability feature under the term insurance plan. It entirely depends on you – what type of add-ons you need in the term insurance and what type of term insurance you opt for.

What Is The Best Thing About Buying Term Insurance?

Do you really need to wait until the 40th birthday to buy a term insurance policy? Here is why you should go for a term plan right away. You will be glad to know that you can get the best financial protection through term insurance at a most affordable premium and it will keep the family secured even if something happens to you. Another great thing about it is that the earlier you invest in a term insurance the better is the saving on the premium. When the money is invested in the right plan, it also provides higher benefits than the total premium paid. Since it is pocket-friendly and affordable, you can go for higher cover without any potential risk. You can easily secure the family’s financial future by buying a term plan. In these low premium plans, the entire premium is used to meet risk coverage and administrative costs. Therefore you will not get anything in return on surviving the term, as there is no saving option in this premium. However, if in case of death within the term, the sum assured will be paid to the nominee. The premium of the term plan entirely depends on the age, the tenure of the plan and the sum assured under the term plan.

Get one as soon as possible, as it can be your best financial investment decision and can aid you and your family against various viable risks in the future. However, while buying a term plan, do not merely calculate the premium amount. Don’t just believe in the insurer’s high claim ratio, as it will not necessarily grant the payment of a claim. Also, do not fall into the pitfall of buying it for the longest tenure possible because you’ll need it only until retirement age. After all, we no longer remain a provider for our family at such an age. We hope you’ll no longer need to depend on the broker to translate the benefits of investment term policy while shopping for insurance. It will fit into both your long-term financial strategy and your present budget plan because of its affordability and viability.

PNB HFL Home Loan EMI Calculator And Interest Rates Information For Your Benefits

PNB offers a low-interest rate with a flexible tenure so that you can grab interesting privileges and fulfill your home sweet home desires. This bank is customer-friendly that means easy to repay of the loan.

Before you can apply for financial support, check online eligibility. PNB divided eligibility criteria into three categories NRI, Unnati, and PMAY scheme. Let’s find below description step by step.

NRI Home Loan Eligibility Factor

  • You should be of Indian origin holding an Indian passport with the status of NRI on employment
  • Before you are applying for a home loan, should have one-year working experience in a foreign country
  • You should not be more than 70 years of age

Eligibility Criteria For A Unnati Home Loan

  • An individual should have professional degree/diploma
  • An individual who is earning a fixed minimum income of Rs 10,000 per month
  • You should not be more than 70 years
  • If you are a salaried, so not more than 65 years

Eligibility Criteria For A PMAY Scheme

  • Your age should be above 18 years
  • Maximum declared income should be Rs 6 lakhs for LIG category, Rs 6.01 lakh to Rs 12 lakh for MIG1, and Rs 12.01 lakh to Rs 18 lakh for MIG2

After that, it would be easy for you to apply and know PNB HFL home loan EMI calculator benefits.

  • Open the official site
  • Fill personal-professional information
  • Upload required KYC
  • And click on submit button

Which KYC We Need To Provide To The Bank For Instant Approval?

You need to submit documents, which provide instant approval. For home loan interest rates and EMI calculation check KYC first.

  • Filled application form with a recent passport size photograph
  • KYC including Aadhar and PAN card
  • Educational qualification
  • Latest salary slip of 3 months

What Is The Procedure Of PNB HFL Home Loan EMI Calculator?

The calculator is the easiest process to calculate payable amount within a second without any error. That’s why PNB HFL home loan EMI calculator is also beneficial for you to know the exact payable amount to the lender.

With the help of EMI calculator, you get to know actual monthly installment which you can pay to the lenders. You need to share amount, tenure and interest rate within a second you know the exact payable amount. It’s flexible, convenient and simple tool, till the time you are not satisfied with the report you can check again an again.

Is It Necessary To Know PNB Home Loan Interest Rates?

The interest rate is a second important thing while knowing EMI for repayment. It can use for you in that way how much they provide an interest rate low or high? If your interest rate is low, then it’s beneficial for you.

The PNB home loan interest rates start from 8.85% to 11.75% with 75% to 90% of the market value for up to 30 years and processing of the bank Rs 10,000 plus GST.

How a Morning Swim Can Make You More Productive at Work

We’re working longer hours than ever, but ironically, we’ve somehow become even less productive. Getting the most out of your workday can sometimes feel like a Herculean task, but there’s sneaky ways to get more done every single day – without staying any later at work. The secret? While you might have been thinking espresso in IV form, hitting the community pool before work for a few laps is not only beneficial to your health but can seriously boost your productivity at work. Whether you’re starting a new job or looking for ways to shine in your current role, find out exactly why shimmying into your favourite The Upside bathing suit every morning might just get you that promotion you’ve been eyeing.

  1. Energy Boost

It’s no secret that working out gives you more energy, so why not give yourself the boost of energy when you need it the most? Mornings are the perfect time to work out because it gives you a fantastic jump start to the day that coffee simply can’t match. Plus, there’s no better wakeup call than plunging into a refreshing pool of water. If you’re not yet a morning person, a pre-work swim might just convert you into one.

How a Morning Swim Can Make You More Productive at Work

  1. Better Food Choices

When we start the day off with a healthy choice like exercise, we tend to make better choices throughout the rest of the day too. What does that have to do with productivity? If you’ve worked out already, you’re probably going to opt for the healthier lunch and snack options, rather than fast food or heavy items that will sit heavy in your stomach the rest of the afternoon and send you straight into a food coma. You’ll have a heck of a lot easier time concentrating on work and meetings if you’ve had a lighter fare, and that all starts with the first healthy choice of a morning swim.

How a Morning Swim Can Make You More Productive at Work

  1.  De-Stress

Let’s face it, waking up and heading right into a busy day is stressful. Giving yourself 30 minutes to an hour to yourself in the mornings is invaluable; you have time to de-stress while mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead – or simply zoning out and completing laps in a relaxed, almost meditative state. That morning swim can clear your head for the day, giving you focus and concentration to destroy your to-do list. Plus, you’ve already checked off your workout, so you don’t have to be mentally planning how you’re going to get home in time to fit in the gym. Win-win.