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How to Turn Your Instagram from Personal to Business

Instagram is the next big thing in the influencer marketing scene of today. The platform continues to house millions of influencers who have partnered with a plethora of brands to amplify their digital marketing campaigns. The fundamental rule of influencer marketing is to gain traction through social media as it is now the foremost medium of exchanging information. Conventional media has become obsolete and today, brands hardly ever devise a strategy to allocate budget for conventional media campaigns.

On social platforms like Instagram, there is a pool of influencers engaged in different categories. It is believed that these people can sway the purchasing power of their audiences. Brands work with them by offering them incentives or a particular for every post where they market their content subtly or prominently (depending on the brand’s choice). Influencers are categorized from their quality and following. The more followers you have as an influencer, the more you are likely to work with brands and the bigger compensation.

A good example of an Instagram influencer is Jonathan Jadali who is growing popular due to the fact that he has accumulated over 30,000 followers in a relatively short period of time. Jonathan Jadali has become the talk of the town and people are eager to know what exactly he has done to gain such a massive following in a tiny bit of time. Jonathan usually documents his everyday life chronicles on his profile and stays highly engaged with his followers.

Turning your personal account to business is the new big thing on Instagram users. Given the fact that these people have a considerably large following and post quality content on a consistent basis.

First things first, your Instagram should be a gateway to your lifestyle and should be an open book to learn things about you. Brands would be willing to work with you if one can assess more about you from a glimpse to your profile. It works wonders in different ways because building a profile requires effort and effort means consistency in posting content.

Secondly, you are required to engage with the community. Follow people and they would be on the look for viewing your profile. This way they can learn about your public profile and thus, you gain traction. Drop people DMs, introduce your content and back it with a story. Do not carpet bomb your message because it is a thin line between effective communication and spamming.

Apart from that, you need to work on a consistent style that hooks people to your profile. People are lazy. They like scrolling down. The opportunity to seek the attention of a user is relatively low. Work with something unique and creative that it gets into the minds of people. From an individual, the influence would be circulated to more and more people. This way you will be known, you will gain followers and your engagement would dramatically multiple on the platforms.

Jason Stone—An Entrepreneurial Prodigy

Charisma. Persistence. Flair. These are the ingredients that constitute the character of a present-day influencer. This is a trio instilled in Jason Stone, a 39-year-old entrepreneur, and motivator, who enjoy his success and strives to share it with the world.

Jason started off by pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Akron, and with a surprising turn of event, ended up being one of the widely known mentors of the modern world. He owns an Instagram account with over 3M followers to date.

The Stepping Stones

Jason tapped into his money-making talent when he got the idea to sell used car parts from a junkyard to wholesalers for the nominal price. Furthermore, the soon-to-be engineer also had a thing for guiding and mentoring his friends and family in different arrays of life.

After completing his degree, he turned his part-time work into a full-time job by starting a company called, “Treadstone Performance Engineering”. The new venture was, of course, launched with numerous upgrades from his previous-side-business. Treadstone Performance Engineering was launched in 2006 and continues to operate online with hefty profits.

Later in 2013, he also invested in his friend’s startup “The Local Door Coupons” where he received enormous success and managed to elevate the profits tenfold. By the end of 12 months with the company, Jason had launched 50 franchises of the business across the nation.

Meet the Millionaire Mentor

Jason’s innate desire to mentor surfaced when he launched his dedicated Instagram account—Millionaire Mentor. Previously, he did offer motivational lessons through his personal accounts but that concluded as he had to shut them all down due to the home burglary.

It took ‘Millionaire Mentor’ only a year to reach a million followers. Jason has crossed 3M followers on this account to date and is continuing to go forth with each passing day. He offers paid mentorship lessons for new ventures, motivational content, and social media consultancy to make sure that others can benefit from his experiences through the years.

Fame and Fortune

Jason Stone is a successful entrepreneur of the modern day. He made $8M in retail sales in 2017, received various awards for surpassing sales targets. He also continued to do philanthropy and donates a portion of all his earnings to charity. He has also appeared in various major releases like Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur,, FourHundred Magazine, Home Business Magazine, and several others who have mentioned Jason as one of the leading mentors and entrepreneurs of the modern age.

Jason Stone is on a mission to impact over a billion people with his efforts. He continues to work at Millionaire Mentor while running his other business ventures on the side. Jason is happily married to Cristina Stone and has 2 children. He can be reached through his Instagram @Millionaire_Mentor. Further information on his life and his current ventures can be found on his website

4 Benefits Social Media Brings For Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers have discovered that social media can give them a competitive edge. As firms accelerate the adoption of social strategies, they have enjoyed remarkable results. Increased communication capabilities can, by themselves, result in high levels of customer satisfaction and thereby promote loyalty.

Similarities exist between consumers and business customers, so many of the principles that apply to retailers can also transform the B2B world. As a manufacturer, you can use social media to make your brand shine.

As with any type of social media strategy, the success of your social media presence depends on the choices that you make.

You must, for example, choose the sites that your target market prefers. After all, spreading your message will not accomplish much if you fail to connect with the right people. Additionally, social media offers the following benefits that can boost profitability and growth for your manufacturing firm.

Increases Brand Awareness

If no one knows that your company exists, sales will be a perpetual problem for your company. Social media changes that by giving you a chance to define and promote your brand.

Start by evaluating the factors that separate you from other manufacturers and highlight those differences as you share your story online.

Details of the manufacturing industry might bore casual readers, so making your message bubbly and compelling might challenge you. As you become familiar with social platforms and their users, however, you will likely discover creative ways to give your brand personality and make your products come alive.

A Twitter account, for example, can add qualities to your brand. Similarly, if you add Facebook to your strategy, you have a way to establish the authority of your brand and become a recognized expert in your field.

As you add value to the marketplace, your customers will naturally start regarding you as the preferred source of the product that they need.

Promote your company by taking your audience behind the scenes at your company so they can get to know the faces and technologies that make your brand so fantastic. Additionally, you can create video tours and craft outstanding product demonstrations and post them on YouTube.

Although you might not make direct sales pitches, the increased brand awareness that you gain will inevitably grow your customer base.

Improves Customer Service

Some businesses have developed customer service excellence as a competitive advantage. If you want to attract and retain customers, social media gives you an opportunity to put your customer service on display.

Even when a customer leaves a negative remark, your audience will have a chance to see that your company will always try to find a satisfactory solution.

Social media gives your customers a platform to share their experiences with your products and brand. As a result, you can influence future buying decisions as new prospects read those product reviews and testimonials.

You can also use social media to ensure that your audience has access to all essential product information and support.

Customers can use social media to communicate problems with your products. In response to feedback, your team can quickly address production issues and modify documentation. Moreover, you may also realize substantial savings in terms of money and reputation.

Assists Product Development

Bringing a product to market requires a substantial investment and involves significant risks. By integrating social media into your product development strategy, you can better understand the needs of your market and design products that precisely meet those needs.

Customers, therefore, may find that your products suit their needs better than those of your competitors.

Create an engaging social media presence that encourages people to share their needs and expectations with you. Doing so will convey your commitment to quality and service as well as your effort to put the needs of others ahead of your desire for immediate profits.

Also, when you respond to customer needs, you will create a solid reputation in your industry that will lead to increased sales.

Rather than waiting for your new product to reach customers, try using social media to present your functioning prototype. A prototype will allow you to test your product and see where improvements can be made.

You can get instant feedback from your customers on social media that will help you avoid embarrassing product failures in the marketplace and improve the compatibility of your products with their intended users.

The information you receive from social media can also help you identify and respond to changing market demands.

 Helps Build Business Relationships

Social media makes sense because it opens communications with everyone involved with your business, including your partners, investors, and suppliers.

LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network makes communicating with stakeholders easy and also opens doors to new relationships that can help your business thrive.

While your competitors might use LinkedIn to keep tabs on you and other firms in your industry, you can use the site to meet the people who can join your team and become a part of your success.

The relationships that you build on LinkedIn often have long-term potential by introducing you to additional resources or being available as the needs of your company evolve.

Although the business contacts that you make on LinkedIn can contribute to the success of your company, you should also realize that many of the businesses that use the site could become your customers.

You must, therefore, remember to add value to the community, build the authority of your brand and always respond to inquiries.

Wrapping it Up

Social media makes sense for manufacturing companies more now than ever before. Careful planning, understanding your market and choosing the best possible platforms will get your social media strategy off to a good start.

As you interact on social media, you can spread awareness of your brand and use customer service as a marketing tool.

As a manufacturer, social media offers you a chance to improve your product development processes to meet the needs of your customers better and minimize the cost of design flaws.

In addition to all the benefits of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can use LinkedIn to build your business connections and attract new customers.

With social media, your manufacturing company can look forward to a successful and profitable future.

4 Of The Best Tactics For Driving More Web Traffic

When you are in charge of running a website, whether it be a personal one or part of your job, you want to make sure that you are driving web traffic to your website and do everything to increase your readership. You may have a clean design and provide everything your clients could possibly desire, but if nobody is clicking on your website, it hardly does you any good. Here are a few proven tactics that will help you increase the number of visitors you get to your website.

Social Media

Some of the most reliable methods to bring viewers to your website are also free or very low-cost. Social media allows you to create a page for your website or business and promote it free of charge. You can use these accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share information about giveaways or promotions or to share posts from your website.

You can also use social media to have your current web visitors promote your website. You can embed little widgets on various pages on your website that allow people to share an article or piece of information on their own social media. This natural advertising comes with a stamp of approval from that user, which can encourage their friends and family to visit your website. To help this, make sure your social media widgets are placed in a prominent location that won’t interfere with the user experience on your website.


In addition to creating a natural social media presence, you can run ad campaigns on your social media accounts. These ads are fairly low-cost and often blend in with regular content, so they don’t annoy social media users. You can schedule your ad campaigns to run at the optimal times for the demographic you are trying to attract.

In addition to using social media for advertising, you can run ads on other prominent websites. Start looking into resource websites for your industry and see if they offer ad space. Placing ads on these websites may be a little more expensive, but they have the added benefit of reaching a wider and more diverse audience than social media ads do because they are more constant than social media ads.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no point in trying to drive traffic to your site if you aren’t focusing on search engine optimization (SEO). This is the number one factor in getting people to visit your website. If you don’t show up in search results, people are going to visit your competition instead. There are a wide variety of things that you can do to increase your SEO, but starting with the basics is important.

Search engines need to know what your website is about, so make sure you have an accurate meta description and that you are using keywords properly. If you don’t use them enough, you won’t show up for the topics you have. If you overuse keywords, you may actually get a penalty for keyword stuffing. You should also make sure that your website converts easily to mobile use. Most people use their phones for the internet, so search engines prioritize websites that work well with both desktop and mobile users.

Encourage Reviews and Testimonials

People want to know how legitimate your website is and any services that you offer. They can glean some information from your website, but hearing from other customers can be very reassuring. Good reviews show that you are legitimate and help convert casual viewers into actual customers.

Display any testimonials you get from customers on your website and encourage people who buy your products to leave a review when they get their purchase. This builds your credibility as a vendor. On the other hand, if you are getting bad reviews, make sure you reevaluate and correct any business practices that aren’t working.

In any method of gaining web traffic, it is always essential to reach as many people as you can. The more people you can reach out to, the better your chances of building a loyal following. That loyal following is one of the most invaluable resources you can have, so don’t ever underestimate or neglect them.