5 Leather Bags For Your Summer Wardrobe

It is time to prepare your wardrobe for the steamy hot summers. The change in weather calls for a change in your wardrobe collection. While everyone invests in summer essentials like a tank top, mules, denim, hats, and sunglasses often the handbags go ignored.

Coco Chanel said:

“Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman.”

Handbags make or break an outfit, and you are someone who loves to enhance your overall look with a bag here are five leather handbags that you must invest in this summer.

Tote Bags

These convenient carryalls are perfect for Casual daily use, work or even vacations. With so many designers launching new styles of totes every season you won’t have to compromise on style. Tote bags are big enough to carry all your summer essentials. These bags are lightweight and look chic with almost any outfit. Surprisingly you can find tote bags big enough to take your laptop. This summer celebrities are going gaga over the latest leather tote bags launched by Burberry.

Kate Mara is rocking her tote with a casual airport look while Rosie Huntington is gracefully carrying a leather tote with formal attire. This summer, invest in a classy wine red leather tote that is pleasing to the eye and is functional as well as fashionable.

Cross Body Bag

Summer is the time to go hands-free therefore designers have reinvented the cross body bag so that they are spacious enough to handle the essentials and small enough to carry on an evening out.

Musical festivals, Flea market and tons of frolicking outside is common in summers. A lightweight crossbody bag is perfect for these trips. Crossbody bags let you experiment without overwhelming your outfit. Add a pop of color to your pink leather jacket with a shimmery golden crossbody bag by Marc Jacobs.


It is no secret that accessories can make or break an outfit especially during the summers when we wear neutral colors. Accessories and handbags are a perfect way to liven up any outfit. Tassel saddle bags are showing up everywhere. A little accent, fringe or studs, add some glamour to plain bags. Saddlebags with brass buckle are also the in thing this summer. The gold buckle instantaneously makes you stand apart. Faux leather saddle bags available at Leather Skin Shop have grab handles that are quite soft and soothing that improves the carrying comfort. Saddlebags are worth flaunting and go with all kinds of outfits.

Messenger Bag

Add a hot handbag to your collection to carry around this season. A bright purple quilted leather handbag is a delight to carry during the summers with a little white dress or black leather jacket. Messenger bags are ultra-organized with large main compartments giving enough room for everyday use stuff. Messenger bags give a casual yet relaxed vibe. Messenger bags are also suitable for cycling because of adjustable shoulder straps and look chic on anyone who carries it.

Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are popping up with retailers this summer. These statement bags are functional, alive and still kicking. The classic shapes of these a longer shoulder strap give a more modern and versatile look. These crescent-shaped bags are made out of soft, flexible leather and are both spacious and stylish. The hobo bags can be carried with a fur coat and mini dress. For a casual look, it can be paired with sneakers, a T-Shirt, and shorts in summer.

Henri Bendel Kensington Croco Fringe Hobo is a relaxed sophistication to add to your wardrobe. The vibrant wine shade adds luxe to your entire look.

Relaxed Office Wear From Head To Toe For Casual Fridays

Figuring out what to wear to work has always been a hurdle for women, and in recent years, it’s tougher than ever to toe the line between stylish and work-appropriate. When you throw casual Fridays into the mix, many of us are left scratching our heads wondering what constitutes casual in this modern world of trends like athleisure and hipster fashion. Luckily, we’ve broken it down for you and created a quick and easy guide of head-to-toe relaxed officewear that won’t land you in hot water with HR.

1. Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is the perfect casual Friday ensemble. It’s comfortable, breezy, and strikes the perfect balance between business and casual. An A-line sheath that skims your body is universally flattering, and paired with cute flats, you have a winning look for the office.

Relaxed Office Wear From Head To Toe For Casual Fridays

2. Skinny Jeans and Blazer

Jeans don’t have to be an enemy of the workplace. You can rock them in the office, especially on casual Fridays, as long as you dress them up ever so slightly. A blazer elevates your jeans to the right office tone, especially with a pair of espadrilles or wedges. If blazers aren’t your thing, try a printed blouse tucked in with a belt.

Relaxed Office Wear From Head To Toe For Casual Fridays

3. Cotton Skirt

If you love the look of skirts but find them just too restrictive and uncomfortable, casual Fridays are the time to try out a cotton skirt that fits you just right. A midi length is the hem to aim for, and top it with a printed t-shirt, a tank top and denim jacket, or a snug crew-neck sweater. To finish your look, pull on a pair of ankle boots or flats—sandals are an iffy footwear option in most offices, so play it safe.  

Relaxed Office Wear From Head To Toe For Casual Fridays

4. Pencil Skirt and T-Shirt

Pencil skirts are so early 2000s, but you can give them a modern, stylish twist when worn casually. Tuck in a plain t-shirt for fabulous look that practically begs to be worn as a precursor to the weekend.  Ditch the stilettos and instead stay on trend with a pair of chic mules. Check out Senso for the trendiest shoes that work in and out of the office.

Relaxed Office Wear From Head To Toe For Casual Fridays

5. Sundress and Sweater

If the sun is shining, break out a gorgeous floral sundress and top it with a comfy cardigan for an office-appropriate combo. Make sure your dress hem hits just above your knees or below; mini dresses are adorable, but they belong outside of the office—even on casual Fridays. Top it off with cork wedges or Mary Janes for a sweet and simple office style.

How to Dress for a Black Tie Corporate Function

As if navigating the dicey waters of the corporate dress code weren’t difficult enough, now you’ve been invited to a black tie business event. What does this even mean? Does it differ from a regular black tie dress code? Does the fact that it’s corporate mean your gown with the killer side slits is out?

Read on to find out.

Corporate Black Tie vs. Standard Black Tie: The Difference

In short, there is no difference between the dress code for corporate black tie and a standard black tie event. The same rules apply. For women, this means you need to wear a full length gown or you need to dress up your cocktail dress. (Just make sure the hemline isn’t to high!)

For men, the choice is easy: all about the tux, and unless the event specified black tie optional, you’ve got to wear it. If you don’t own one, rent one for the occasion.

The Nuances of Corporate Black Tie

We’ve established that there is no real difference between corporate black tie and stand black tie, but since you will be attending is a business event, women may want to err on the side of caution and avoid dresses that are too risque — unless you work in an industry like fashion or the arts where expressing your own personal style trumps conservative sensibilities.

Of course, there is a happy, visually stunning medium for us gals. You can show decorum without looking stuffy, and you can also show some skin without smacking of trash. All you need to do is dress in one of these equally classic and breathtaking styles.

Killer Queen

This style is all about looking regale. To achieve this end, you’re going to leave your days as a blinged out princess behind you and adopt the power of understatement to really stand out.

Opt for a beautiful black tie dress that’s made of satin and offers clean lines and a body skimming silhouette. Look for inventive but subtle embellishments, like a bit of embroidered detailing or some lace overlay.

Upscale Cocktail

As mentioned, you can wear a cocktail dress to a black tie affair. Even your favorite LBD can make the transition. The key is to ensure the hemline falls no higher than at or just above your knees, and that you’ve sufficiently dressed up your ensemble with accessories. Think a pair of chandelier shoulder-dusting earrings, or an elaborate choker.

Since this is black-tie (and since you’re wearing a cocktail dress that will showcase your shoes), you have to really pay attention to your footwear. Only heels will do. They don’t have to be super high, but a heel  — even just a couple inches — is a must.

Pants Perfect

Dresses are the most common black tie attire for women, but they are by no means your only option. You can also rock a pantsuit or even a stylish and sexy jumpsuit. Just like a dress, the key to picking something for this more formal event is selecting a style, cut and material that emits a dressier vibe. Jean or cotton plaid, for instance, won’t cut it, but a satin or silk would be breathtaking.

Within these three options, you have a lot of room to move and create a corporate black-tie event that’s all your own. Whatever you choose, remember that this is a business event, so you want to keep it professional and classy. This will ensure you are always taken seriously  — even when you look your most stunning.