Would you rather go to Work or join a Club?

A creative agency is nothing more than its talent and the work it generates.

The better the talent, the better the work.

The founding business principle of Work Club has been to give our talent proposition the same amount of love and esteem as our client work.

We’ve proved that if we can attract and retain the best people, we will build better long-term client relationships, which in turn, lead to better work, growth and revenue to invest into our talent base.

Shouldn’t coming to work be more like being part of a Club?

A Club should have a great atmosphere, interesting people and a constant stream of things to do and talk about.

A Club is a place full of like-minded people who enjoy being, working and learning together – an engaging, rewarding and stimulating place.

A Club is a place with a purpose.

Our mission is to be a Great Big Work Club.