The Best Sports Charities That Have Made a Difference

We’re on the helm of December and that means you’re going to start seeing a lot new year’s resolution posts on your timelines. We hope one of your resolutions also include donating to those in need a lot more generously than before. Charities have sprouted in millions across the world so the possibilities of donations, and that too of your own choice and liking, are endless. In case you haven’t decided what charity you would like to invest in, our recommendation would be youth sports charities.
They are a great way to help out the standard of sports on a local and international level, as well as giving those kids a chance who are not blessed to play their favorite sports. A lot of youth-centered programs could do wonders if they were funded properly and if you have kids of your own, you can empathize and know what an ounce of your donation could do.

1The Fresh Air Fund – Giving back only to the children of New York City, the mission of this organization is to welcome children to summer camps and sports activities. Those children that are suffering from financial hardship because of their families. Host families, donations and volunteer hours make for an invigorating experience for passionate kids.

2. Global Sports Foundation It’s a baseball-centered organization that provides gently used and new baseball gear to kids and adults globally as well as in the U.S. Something remarkable that they do alongside this donation is that they organize fundraisers and special events to help families with gruesome medical bills and pesky living expenses.

3. Project Fit AmericaProject Fit America provides schools with new equipment, training and the adequate material to keep a structured fitness program running so that your child never has to face the curse of obesity and lives a healthy lifestyle. So if you would like your donation to impact U.S schools, Project Fit America seems like a great “fit” for you.

4. Right to Play– Right to Play’s objective is to fund equipment, time and money to youth sports programs and health education systems in multiple countries over the globe. They develop sports programs as well so if you want to donate to a charity with high global outreach and make sure your funding puts smiles all across the world, this one seems like a great fit.

5. MacCall Youth Tennis Foundation – During his time in Las Vegas, George Russell MacCall has provided his time and effort to give back to the community. He’s one of the most decorated tennis players of the century and has even served as the commissioner for World Team Tennis along with winning tons of awards. Founded in 1988, the MacCall Youth Tennis Foundation brings together professional instructors, quality equipment and facilities to provide tennis opportunities for children of all income levels across the community. Through the foundation, as well as his work with the Las Vegas Inner City Games, the Boys & Girls Club, and Ace-Out Drugs programs, MacCall has provided free tennis lessons to more than 20,000 children in Las Vegas. Tennis is a highly growing sport and a lot of children could benefit from developing professional skill levels in a lucrative sports career like tennis.

Donating always creates a personal satisfaction and knowing that your hard-earned money not only brings prosperity to your household, but to so many other households all over the world – it’s like the cherry on top to make sure you sleep like a baby. Make sure to donate a lot in the coming year and be rewarded with blessings.

Home Renovation On A Budget

At some point during the year, everyone wants to renovate or rebuild something in either their indoor or outdoor living space. With many different design pieces of advice available online, ranging from DIY to 6 figures customization, in this article, we will focus more on the actual plan which stands behind the actual execution. Let’s break down how to renovate a space on a budget in 4 easy steps.

1) The Actual Plan

When it comes to planning for home improvement, there is a significant part which involves materials’ choice, budgeting and space planning. To prepare an execution plan it’s important to separate each phase in its entirety, in order to follow them easier. If your home renovation plan heavily relies on DIY applications, websites like Instructables and such could definitely help you in guaranteeing you results.

2) The Execution

Many times, following a plan could be a complicated matter, especially if it wasn’t clear at its start: for example if a building section tells you to put together 4 pieces of wood but you did not buy the tools necessary in order to do it, that could be a problem.
In order to overcome this “problem”, each and every section should include a “what do you need” paragraph.

3) Results

It’s important, especially when doing a DIY project, to keep in mind that most of the times your result won’t look like the picture you were using as an example. Mainly because there are several factors which could block the entire process, ranging from the materials you’ve used to your building skills. No one expects a DIY amateur to build a perfectly looking piece of conservatory furniture, indeed.

4) Organization

Once your piece of furniture, your decoration or your general piece is ready, its installation in the actual space would be the last bit. Space organization could be tricky, especially if you’re not following any particular rule or trend. There are several factors that you should take into consideration, but the biggest one will definitely be related to the fact that your perception of the space should be the final judgement detail: this is your space so you should be the one who likes it the most!

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Crane

Whether you are building a two-story house or a proper skyscraper, you are going to need to call in a tower crane. Since there are numerous crane companies today, you have to know at least some parameters before you decide to hire one. The primary issue with cranes is safety. Tower cranes go tens of meters into the air and if they crash lives will be in danger, not to mention that they can topple down the entire structure you are erecting. There are numerous things to consider before hiring a crane and we offer you the 5 topmost things to keep in mind.

Safety Record

Feel free to google the company you preliminary decide on. This is a good way to check if their cranes have been involved in any accidents or have they had any trouble with the law recently. Alternatively, you can check out the comment section on their Facebook page or search construction-related online message boards. When you contact them, ask for their portfolio just to be on the safe side. An impeccable safety record is a green light to hire them.


It is important to have people on the construction site who know what they are doing. Companies who have years and preferably decades of experience are less likely to mess things up. On the contrary, a good crane company will teach you a few tricks when it comes to using cranes and working at high altitudes. Their experience will prove valuable if you encounter any problems during the build. When enquiring about their experience, focus on the projects they did that are similar to yours. There is no point in hiring a crane company that specializes in commercial building if you need them for your house in the suburbs.

The Equipment

Whichever type of crane you need, the equipment they use has to be new and field tested. This means that they have to be able to operate in extreme weather conditions, like in the scorching summer and the chilling subzero temperatures during winter. That is why any tower crane rent must include machines that can operate during the summer months as well as cope with the cold in winter. Also, the crew needs to be trained on how to operate the crane and what to do in case of an emergency.

Go Through the Plans

One scenario that really ought to be avoided is for the crane to simply show up and get the instructions what to lift on the sport. This ad hoc solution can lead to disaster, as both the crane operator and the construction crew have not had time to coordinate properly. Way before the crane arrives, hold a meeting and make a plan and a timetable of what the crane is actually going to be moving. One reason this is done beforehand is to test the ground if it can support the crane and its load.


All the pieces of advice he has provided you with so far have been in regard to the prevention of accidents. However, you should be ready for the worst case scenario. You need to have liability insurance and check with the crane company if they have one too. In case something goes wrong, both parties need to know exactly who is responsible for what and who will make up for the damages in insurance money.

Hiring a crane is for many companies a routine task. They have done it tens of times before, but each time they went through the checklist we provided you with here. Be sure to take all these factors into consideration. before making the final decision.

The Pillars of an Exceptional Coworking Space

If you are looking for office rental space in Dallas, TX, you might end up being frustrated with the expensive prices! Luckily, there is an alternative if you want to save – a coworking space. But, with too many options available, which space is best for you? Read on and we will briefly tackle some of the things that will make a coworking space exceptional!

A Welcoming Design

From the moment you set foot in the coworking space, you must feel welcomed. Otherwise, you might end up being unproductive when you start to work. In recent years, hospitality in coworking spaces has been given a higher degree of importance by the providers, such as Common Desk. Meaning, they have been more proactive in thinking of ways to make their places more accommodating, which will help them to attract more clients.

A Strategic Location

The coworking space will be your office. Therefore, it should be in a location that is accessible and safe. If it is too far from where you live, you will end up wasting a lot of your time commuting or traveling. Also, if it is in a central location, your clients will be happy since it is a place they can easily visit when they need to meet you. A central location might be quite expensive, but it is sure to be worth your money.

A Social Environment

In one article from Forbes, the author asserted that coworking’s social aspect has been a big draw to its clients. People are inspired, and they tend to become more creative when they are surrounded by others. A good coworking space should be socially exciting. This will make the work less stressful. Plus, it also provides more opportunities for networking. It should be a place not only where work is done, but also where you can make friends.

An Opportunity to Grow

A lot of coworking spaces these days are actively organizing programs and events that can help their tenants grow in their professions. They provide workshops that are meant to mentor those who have yet to learn in their chosen fields. Choose a coworking space that is known for their initiatives in helping other people grow.

An Affordable Price

The main reason why people go to coworking spaces instead of traditional offices is the fact that it is cheaper. Therefore, find a place that offers prices that are easy on the wallet. They should have different plans that are available, such as daily, weekly, and monthly. Nonetheless, never trade quality for cost!

A Fast Internet

This is one thing that you should not ignore when choosing a coworking space, especially when your line of work requires you to be online most of the time. It can be frustrating to work in a place where the internet is slow! You can get more things done in a short span of time if your internet speed is blazing fast!

In sum, if you are looking for an exceptional coworking space, make sure that it ticks all the right boxes, including the things that have been mentioned above.

Moving Towards the End of World Hunger

A man has two faces: one when he is hungry and the other when he is well fed. In any case, it is the circumstances of his life that truly determine which face comes forward and which does not. A man who hasn’t had a proper meal in over one whole week is bound to not only visibly look ill, but he will also appear to be mentally unstable as a result of the empty stomach. This is because our body needs an adequate amount of food and water daily in order for it to function normally.

Failure to meet the daily supply of food or water can lead to severe health concerns, such as infuriation, uncontrollable rage, anxiety, malnourishment, dehydration and liver problems, to name a few. People who do not consume healthy vitamins, proteins and a decent amount of food are likely to develop a fragile immune system, which is the gateway to all other diseases and problems related to sleep.

What Do the Statistics Show?

Hunger and poverty go hand in hand. It is unlikely that a person who is not living in extreme poverty would make themselves starve or not be able to eat at least one proper meal a day. These are basic needs, without these, a person cannot enjoy a life that is good quality or even can focus on essential tasks throughout the day, no matter how simple these may be.

Statistically speaking, there are about 900 million people in the world today who are living in extreme poverty and are forced to go to sleep every night with empty stomachs and barely any water to get by. Although the numbers are still depressing, to say the least, there has, in fact, been an improvement over the years in the number of people that are living in extreme poverty. In 1999, the figures were at 1.75 billion, where are today, they are much lower.

The United Nations, however, has large plans for the future in this regard and plans to bring world hunger to an absolute zero – meaning that there will not be extreme poverty or world hunger by 2030. Although this seems unlikely to many, companies along the lines of BraineHealth AB are quick to acknowledge that these goals can be achieved as long as there is moral support.

BraineHealth AB is a company that was founded by a group of geniuses, who have since devoted their lives to ensure that the world is a happy place for all. At BraineHealth, the team of experts is professionally trained to research newer and better technological advancements that can help bring the change that this world needs.

There are plenty of other companies that are actively working with the United Nations to help bring about a change by helping complete the agenda set for 2030. The speed at which everything is improving now is impressive, and with enough support, it would be possible to achieve this goal.

The Working Student’s Guide to College Costs and Budgeting

As a student, budgeting is essential if you want to make college a lot more affordable. However, more often than not, many students fail to set a budget beforehand. In a 2016 study, 43 percent of students say that they don’t track their spending habits, while a staggering 58 per cent say that they aren’t saving cash each month. As a result, it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore that 7 out of 10 students are stressed, when it comes to their financial security.

Why Do You Need to Budget?

While managing your cash flow and budgeting may be the last things that are on your mind, especially if you have a term paper to finish, or you’re studying for an unexpected exam, it is vital. By having a budgeting plan early on, you’ll likely develop healthy financial habits in the future.


The Budgeting Basics

Know Your Cash Flow

The first step in the overall cash flow process is first getting an overview of your present finances. It’s crucial because if you don’t have a clear picture if where you financially stand today, how can you expect to achieve your financial goals of surviving college?

So before you buy an expensive concert ticket or a gadget, take time to assess if you can afford it. You have to come up with a concrete game plan so that you can pay your way through college.

You can do this calculating your assets and liabilities, your income (if you have). You also need to understand where you are spending your money. So, let’s say you’re sending $350 for groceries each month. But what would happen if you spend $300? Would you be eating less, at that state? Chances are, you won’t even notice. Or instead of eating one every weekend, what if you plan to go every other weekend?

Focus on what you need, instead of what you want. If you start making these little sacrifices, you’d be surprised how much you can save every month.

Anticipate College Expenses

As any valuable step in making a budget plan, you need to determine your expenses. When you map out a budget, it’s crucial to determine which costs will be covered by your parent or guardian. Then, subtract it from your total monthly expenses.

Here are the most common expenses you’re expected to pay for during college:

  • Housing
  • Books
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Savings

Also, if you want to go in-depth on how much college could cost you, check out this college cost calculator for additional computations on yearly attendance, possible scholarships, and loans that you may incur during your college years.

Track Your Spending

The next thing that you should do is to track the average amount of cash that you send each month. Review your bank accounts, credit cards, and debit card. See where your money is going for the last couple of months, and where are the more expensive items coming from. Once you have a good idea where you’re spending your money on, it would surprise you that a lot of things there are non-essentials.

Automate Money Management

You’d be surprised that there are a lot of online tools and apps that are available for you to utilize once your prioritize your spending. These tools will make it more convenient for you to track your spending habits. As a result, it will be easier for you to map out a budget plan to monitor your spending. These apps would usually already categorize your budget in different categories. Then, it would alert you if a particular category is close to exceeding its specified limit.

Also, the Department of Education’s federal student aid office also provides essential resources on budgeting that’s ideal for college students. Another tip is to separate your finances into two accounts ‒ one for fixed expenses, another for variable costs. That way, you won’t be tempted to spend your money on fixed expenses like your monthly bills, rent or car insurance.

On the circumstance that you need extra cash for a night out, then you can spend the money that you’ve set aside for variable resources or the credit card that’s linked to your variable money. Managing your cash by automating is a simple, but an efficient concept that you can take advantage of.

Look for Ways to Save Money

If your monthly income exceeds your total expenses, then it’s a good time to cut back. There’s no doubt that cutting back is hard ‒ this might require you to give up on indulgences like eating out with your friends every weekend, or going to your dream getaway this summer. Saving and cutting back takes a lot of commitment, but you’d be quite surprised that saving opportunities exist virtually, everywhere. The important thing is for you to be aware of it, should an opportunity present itself.

For instance, before deciding to buy a brand-new car, ask yourself first if you’ll be able to afford it. Buying a car can be expensive, especially if you’re a young adult with a lower income. Not to mention, other miscellaneous expenses of having a car can add up quickly, such as tires, brakes, gas, and oil change.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the thing ‒ while it’s hard to create a budget, it’s even harder to live with the budget you’ve set for yourself. There will be times that you might need to take a small break from trying to pinch pennies. However, one month without having a clear budget in mind can quickly send you to the wrong direction, and you’d be surprised how much everything can add up.

If you don’t learn how to budget as early as now, you’ll likely end up being in debt, by borrowing too much for school. Once you graduate, you might have a hard time paying off these debts, as well as manage your finances properly to pay off those loans.

Meanwhile, if you proactively shape your financial life as early as now, you’ll be off having a fresh start by the time you graduate. Taking control of your finances now can be quite challenging, but once you start a strict budget for yourself and stick with it, you’ll soon be moving forward to the right direction.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Camping

Our forefathers believed in the healing properties of nature that’s why doctors prescribed vacations to the coast for a variety of health reasons or folk went for a stroll through the park for some air and exercise.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, when over fifty percent of the population lives in cities. We’re spending less time outdoors, and are more stressed than ever.  It seems as though we’ve lost touch with nature.

Well here’s a crash course in why you should plan your next big escape into The Great Outdoors!

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Out Camping

1. Fresh Air: All that fresh air is good for you! Being surrounded by oxygenating trees improves immune functioning. From better digestion to lower blood pressure and for a sharper mind. Plus, you breathe easier. It seems as though our forefathers were onto something!

2. Sunshine: Soak up those rays for a natural dose of Vitamin D. Better Vitamin D production helps your body absorb calcium for healthier bones! Being outdoors on a sunny day really can turn that frown upside-down!

3. Hello, Happiness: All that sunshine and fresh air makes for a happier you! Oxygen releases more serotonin (the happy drug) in our brain, while sunshine reduces melatonin (the depression drug). That’s likely the reason behind the idiom, happy camper, because camping can help cure stress!

4. Exercise: Whether you hike, bike, fish or swim, camping gets you moving. While the pristine air works to improve lung function. Either way just getting out of your routine and into nature will help you burn calories – no matter your intensity level.

5. Sweet Dreams: All that fresh air and exercise is exhausting and leads to a deeper more restful sleep. And we all know beneficial a good night’s sleep is for your health. Not to mention sleeping under a starry sky, free of artificial light has been proven to reset your circadian rhythm – a camping takeaway that’ll have you sleeping better at home too!

6. Reconnect With What Matters: Turn off your screens, forget about your social media connections and reconnect with friends, family, yourself and nature – these connections are as vital as your followers on Instagram! Our reliance on cyberspace can lead to mental health issues, like burnout or anxiety – so turn to green space to recharge your batteries!

7. Goodbye, Stress: Fresh air and sunshine champion the stress-free movement but so too does temporarily escaping from reality. It gives you a change to be free of financial worry, workplace stress and troublesome traffic. Stress-related diseases (cardiovascular issues, poor digestion) are running rampant so combat it by pencilling in some you-time and run for the tree-lined hills!

Our Prescription For Better Health: Make Plans For Your Next Camping Excursion Now!

Stressed? Anxious? Tired? Then take the age-old prescription and switch off cyberspace in favour of hitting up some green space in the best camper trailer around, to help mend whatever ails you! All that sunshine and fresh air will rejuvenate and reconnect you with the healthiest and happiest version of you!

Working Trip to Los Angeles: 3 Luxury Hotels for Businessmen

Los Angeles is a great destination for an unforgettable vacation. However, this city is a place of concentration of many multinational companies, which entails an influx of tourists coming there for business needs. If you are one of them, then it’s probably very important for you to choose a very good hotel, so that you cannot only have a good rest after an exhausting flight, but also make your business trip as effective as possible. Since the variety of hotels in Los Angeles is just huge, the following list of the best accommodation options for business will help you make the only right choice…

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Beverly Wilshire is one of the most elite hotels in the city, and it’s also very popular among businessmen. The hotel is located in Beverly Hills area, and you need about 15 minutes to reach it from the airport by luxury car rental in Los Angeles.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

It was built in 1928 on the site of Beverly Hills Speedway, when only 18 thousand people lived in the city. The hotel building is decorated in Italian Renaissance style and has the correct E-shape, while the decoration is made of Carrara marble and Tuscan stone.

Over the years, the hotel was rebuilt several times and updated. Since 1992, it has been the ownership of Four Seasons Resorts. Today, about 400 suites of Beverly Wilshire Hotel provide all hotel guests with incredibly comfortable conditions. In addition, the hotel features a well-known Cut restaurant, which serves excellent steaks and seafood. There’s a rich collection of more than 1,000 wines from around the world that can be ordered in Blvd Restaurant. A wonderful café by the pool is also a great spot to dine.

The luxurious interior is designed in a tranquil Mediterranean style. All guests are offered a Rolls-Royce car for trips around the city, as well as a full range of services for the most demanding customers.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Los Angeles USA www.ideeperviaggiare.it


The rooms at the 5-star Beverly Wilshire are quite spacious and are divided into zones – a living room and a bedroom, as well as the possibility of not only relaxing, but also living and working. There are large family rooms and special offers for honeymooners.

Lodgers note a stunning view of the city available directly from the balcony, and amenities in the suites of Beverly Wilshire Hotel provide guests with the highest level of comfort. All necessary appliances include air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a laptop docking station, a coffee maker, and a mini bar.

Hotel Bel-Air

The luxurious Bel-Air is one of the 10 best hotels in the world managed by the Dorchester Collection. The hotel offers a choice of 103 luxurious suites. The old-Hollywood style is the main feature of Bel-Air hotel, and it’s also known for its spacious gardens in one of the most expensive and prestigious areas of Los Angeles called Bel-Air Estates.

Feel like a Fresh Prince at the Hotel Bel-Air! #Suiteness #LosAngeles Suiteness is now live in Los Angeles with 34 of the best hotels in LA. Book your next suite stay though Suiteness.com today!

(photo by Suiteness.com)

The refined design of Bel-Air combines the Spanish colonial style, as well as the elegant forms of the French deco, which said the last words in the fashion for all times. As a result, the hotel has turned out its own unique style, which is quite young, fresh and chic. Stone floors of limestone and polished marble, smooth walls of plaster of light colors, natural wooden ceilings, rich finishes and furniture with bold strokes and texture create an incredible and quite memorable style that complements the glorious atmosphere of the garden.

Hotel Bel-Air is a suitable option for a wedding ceremony, which is held on the shore of a beautiful lake with swans. If you wish, you can organize a large banquet or business event up to 300 persons.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

This is another very popular place for businessmen in Los Angeles. It’s built in the Mediterranean-style and became famous throughout the world due to the fact that Hollywood actors and celebrities constantly lived there.

Beverly Hills Hotel

(photo by Thomas Guiset)

Nowadays, this hotel is located in a rather secluded place not far from the main attractions of Los Angeles and without exaggeration it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful.

It’s interesting to know that the most famous Los Angeles’ restaurant called Polo Lounge is located on site and has been the main meeting place for businessmen and famous people for many years.

The hotel features 208 luxurious rooms in the main building and 23 bungalows in a landscape garden area. In fact, each suite is decorated in peach-pink and green tones. These colors are still a distinctive feature of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

All rooms at the five-star Beverly Hills Hotel are bright and elegant, and the amenities include all the necessary appliances, including a minibar, 2 TVs, a coffee maker, and a spacious marble bathroom.

Guests emphasize the excellent location and atmosphere of this legendary place, as well as the opportunity to meet the celebrities in the best restaurant in Los Angeles.

Those business travelers, who want to stay at this hotel, should keep in mind that the best rooms in it are booked strongly in advance, as it’s incredibly popular among the visitors to the city.

How to keep your sports item safe while moving?

If you are a sports enthusiast, you must know how valuable your sports collectibles are. Whether it is Jersey that you wore for the final match your team won or a ball you got autographed by your favorite sportsman, each collectible has its value, and you will surely want to preserve them for the lifetime.

Now, when you decide to move from a smaller house to a bigger one or get a transfer letter to a new city, you need to ensure that all your cherish able sports trophies do not sustain any damage during the move.

Here is a quick guide, how you can safely move while protecting all your sports collectibles.


  • Assess your collection:


The first step is to assess your sports collection. When you will have a table of contents that you have to pack, arranging for the packing needs would be much easier. You also need to check what sizes and quantity of each item you have. This might appear a little daunting, but when you have a fair idea about the inventory, it is pretty easy to assess the modus operandi.


  • Packing the valuables:


You need to separately pack and protect each type of items. Here is a guide on how to protect most of your collectible:


Though it may sound the easiest item to pack, it is the toughest. You may consider hanging them with all the other clothes during the move, this may give them protection against wrinkles but might affect their texture. It is better to place them in a garment bag that has a zipper.


A collection of balls might be tough to pack considering their uneven shapes. In comparison, a ball in a glass case or wrapping is easy to pack. For those who aren’t in a protective wrap, cover them with a few layers of tissue paper and wrap them in bubble wraps.

Cards & Tickets:

Buy a sports card holder and stack all your sports card, baseball match tickets or other such possessions in the case. Now, wrap the cardholder with the bubble wrap and have a safe & secure packing.

Larger Items:

If you have any larger items in the stock like a set of cricket bats, baseball bats and more, you may hire a moving company and ensure safe transit.


For those who think it will not be safe to move your sports assets with their usual household keepsakes, hiring Storage is a wiser option. You can hire a self-storage and stock all your sports items in it. Once you are settled in your new place, you can collect the belongings and arrange them with ease.

Storage units Mount Vernon also offer moving solutions, so all you need to do is, call the self-storage company and ask them to deliver your sports collectibles.

This guide is perfect to move all types of sports items. When you are planning to move quickly apply these tips and make sure all your valuable sports items are safe during a move.

3 Scientifically Proven Arguments You Can Use To Negotiate Less Working Hours with Your Boss

Do you often end up keeping yourself busy at the end of the workday simply because all the work has been done? You need to stay till the end and complete your shift though instead of getting home earlier and being productive there or spending time with your family.

But what if that’s not the most effective way to spend your time as an employee?

1. Working longer hours doesn’t make employees efficient.

If your boss is a bit old-fashioned, chances are he or she doesn’t follow current trends in your field or check out research on employee performance, health and productivity.

Because if they did, they’d find out what longer hours spent in the office actually ruin performance.

The very first thing your boss needs to know in order to let you work less is to understand that the number of hours you spend working isn’t actually related to the amount of work you’ll get done.

It’s a universal rule. You can get everything done for the time given to you, doesn’t matter if it’s work, study better or accomplishing your daily activities.

Your boss might find it interesting that the workday in Sweden is 6 hours and the benefits of that are plenty. The country is also among those with the highest quality of life, so they must know what they are doing.

The 6-hour workday idea is not new, it just hasn’t been adopted everywhere. It’s based on Parkinson’s Law, which states that “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”.

Being given fewer hours to complete your tasks also gives you a certain type of pressure that makes you more efficient and helps you be more productive.

2. Overworking is bad for your health.

We’re all tired at the end of the workday. And yet, we need to stay till the last minute and do some work, then go home and do this all over again the next day. A lifestyle like that leads to experiencing burnout and the consequences can be quite bad.

Such exhaustion (both mental and physical) can result in accidents, making mistakes at work, sleep problems, health issues, and having to take some time off work.

All of this will then require you to deal with the consequences for a long time before you get back on track. Both your company and your family are going to suffer because of this.

3. Shorter working day improves employee well-being.

When employees are given enough downtime, they can relax and leave their problems behind, do things they enjoy and spend time with loved ones.

That also leads to increased job satisfaction and can actually attract better workers to the company.

Let your boss know that you would come energized at work after you’ve left earlier the previous day. All this affects your health and levels of happiness, and no one wants sick, tired or miserable employees at the office.

25.7 million hours have been lost due to ill or stressed workers. Maybe that can make your employer consider if his company too isn’t wasting precious time because of this, or whether the employees aren’t having stress-related issues or simply less time to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Good luck in taking care of your work-life balance!

Service Your Commercial Appliances On time and Save Money

Commercial electronic items are often the very core of how an establishment like a restaurant or a hotel can function. Be it to have a cool atmosphere with the help of an air conditioner, to have a cup of cold lime with ice from the freezer, or to make a cup of steaming coffee with the cappuccino maker, these electronic equipment make a guest’s day to day life easier by adding a touch of comfort and luxury. These appliances are integral to the smooth functioning of a hotel, restaurant or even in a corporate office.

Electronic Appliances In A Restaurant

The function of a restaurant is similar to a large scale version of a kitchen and dining space. The restaurant kitchens require powerful and huge appliances for cooking, baking, and various other culinary processes. They also require a stronger heating and air conditioning system as more people tend to use the space at the same time.

A restaurant kitchen is a dynamic space where an assortment of kitchen appliances come together to prepare a grand meal for the customers. Service and maintenance of all these kitchen appliances, the heating system as well as air conditioning system are integral to maintain a top-notch functioning restaurant.

Similar to a household, restaurants have requirements of a cooling mechanism for the food as well. The kitchen and the dining area are equipped with various advanced machines. These gadgets not only save time, but they also guarantee a better outcome with their top performances. However, it is necessary to ensure that they are in their best condition to ensure the outcome is great as well. A faulty cooling system may lead to food wastage and a faulty air conditioning can make life miserable during the summer.

Preventative Maintenance Of The Commercial Electronic Appliance

Preventative maintenance is a kind of insurance for appliances as well as HVAC systems. You can choose a plan based on the service center of your choice that will ensure a list of undamaged products against any probable future issues. This will help you cut costs and save money in the long run. The contract amount depends on the device quality and age.

After a contract price is determined, it has to be paid depending on the negotiated intervals as per specification. These contracts will guarantee the safety and top condition of all insured home electronic appliances. These may also come with free services and checkups that will additionally make sure that the appliances are functioning well.

Why Go For On-Time Servicing Commercial Electronic Appliances

Commercial electronic appliances have to be treated with care to ensure they function smoothly and hence it becomes essential to monitor their faults if there are any. All issues you may face with an appliance can be repaired easily during the early days. However if the error is severe and if it goes unnoticed, it may permanently damage your appliance.

For instance, air conditioning is one of the primary appliances to be concerned about when it comes to maintenance. It is necessary to ensure that the room has proper ventilation provided, and is of top quality and does not contain any pollution or trapped dirt. The filter and all the components of the air conditioner have to be regularly serviced and cleaned. The same can be said for refrigerators and various other commercial kitchen appliances. Before winter, it is also necessary to check the heaters and make sure they are working fine. Having the heating system serviced a few weeks before the cold sets in is a good idea to ensure the house stays warm.

Why Go For A Reputed Commercial Electronic Appliance Service Provider

Servicing these systems in a timely manner is integral to ensure your household is fully functioning. Be it any season the year, proper air conditioning helps you get through the season with ease. It is essential that you service your appliances with a company that is reputed for good care such as https://www.touchstonecommercialservices.com/.

An ideal servicing company will ensure that the damaged appliance can be repaired within the smallest time frame and economically. Selling the appliance and getting a new one is always more expensive than repairing an electronic appliance. Hence getting a good servicing center and having these gadgets repaired and restored to great shape is an ideal way to go ahead.

It is highly important that only certified technicians work with branded electronic appliances. These branded items may need spare parts that have to be made from the same manufacturer as the original, to ensure a good fit and proper working condition. Hence approaching a service center with qualifications to work on various brands is a good way to check if this is the right place to repair your possession.

7 Things You Should Do When Moving Into a New House

Moving into a new house can be an overwhelming job especially if you are doing it for the first time. Shifting to a new home may sound exciting, but many people also find it a stressful job. It requires proper planning to accomplish the entire moving process in a hassle-free way. Continue reading to know about the seven things that you need to do when moving into a new house.

  1. Get the Apartment Cleaned Up First

First of all, you have to clean the entire apartment before you start living. Not necessarily you have to do this on your own. Many companies offer professional home cleaning services. You can hire one of them if you want to save your time. On the other hand, you can also consider cleaning your home by yourself. It will help you to save some bucks. Well, in that case, you will need a bucket, mops, brooms and a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Change the Old Locks

It is hard to guess who else have the keys to your new home. So, it is always recommended to change all the old locks in your apartment. It will help you to enhance home security.

  1. Check the Availability of Internet Connection

Internet has become a necessity in our life. So, before moving to your new home, you have to ensure that you will get there a stable internet connection. You can also consider contacting the local ISP (internet service provider) to know more about their plans and installation process.

  1. Paint the Walls and Ceilings

It is a time-consuming job, but still, we would like to suggest you paint all the walls and ceilings of your new home. It will help you to improve the aesthetics of your home. It is always recommended to hire a professional for this job.

  1. Consider Renting a Unit when You Are Moving

Whenever it comes to moving into a new house, homeowners are always recommended to rent a storage unit. Many companies offer public storage in Denver, as well as in the other cities in the USA. Based on your preference you can rent such a unit to accomplish the entire moving process in a hassle-free way. If your new apartment is small in size and you want to free up some valuable space even then, you can consider renting a storage unit.

  1. Check for Plumbing Leaks

This is another important thing that you need to check when moving to your house. Dripping faucets, running toilets are the two prominent signs of plumbing leaks. So keep an eye to these two things when checking for plumbing leaks.

  1. Energy Connection

When shifting to a new apartment, you also have to establish a power connection to your name. So, visit the local energy company and provide them the necessary details like your name, preferred date of connection, contact details and other required documents.

So, these are the seven things that you need to do when moving to a new house. If you still have any question regarding the topic discussed today then feel free to use the comment box below.