8 Tips For Better Business Management

No matter what the size of your business, the basic principles of business management applications. By taking a proactive and objective approach to the way that you manage your business, you can ensure that you thrive and succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment. Here are eight useful business management tips to bear in mind.

Being an expert is not enough

You may be an expert in your chosen field, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to business success. Don’t assume that your expertise or enthusiasm for the sector that you work in will be enough to bring the customers flocking in. You will still need to attend to the important basics of administration and marketing if you want your business to succeed.

Get the right people

Be honest with yourself about your areas of expertise. If you are lacking in marketing or accountancy knowledge, don’t be afraid to go out and get that help. You may also benefit from hiring a management consultant. Stan Gershengoren is one example of a new breed of management professional bringing fresh insights and advice to the business world. Educated in the 21st century, Stan Gershengoren and others like him understand and can apply the latest and most powerful management techniques.

Be wary of employing your friends

This might seem like an obvious warning, but you would be surprised how often it happens, though probably less surprised about how often it goes wrong. The employee-employer relationship is fundamentally different from the dynamics of a friendship, and if you aren’t careful, your business and more importantly your relationship with your friend may suffer. The only way that hiring your friends works is if everyone involved agrees to wear different “hats” according to whether you are on work time or outside work.

Don’t rely only on promoting from within

There is something to be said for promoting from within, as it can offer some employees the chance to aim higher than their current role – but don’t be afraid to look outside your organization. Sometimes, the skill set that you need just isn’t there in your existing workforce, and that’s when you need to consider external recruitment.

Consistency, consistency, consistency

If there is one core principle that underpins all the best businesses, it is consistency. Ensuring that your business values are implemented consistently throughout your operation, from logos and letterheads to the way that your staff answer the phone, is the key to enforcing and embedding your brand among customers and potential customers.

Keep on top of cash flow

A common oversight by business owners is a failure to stay on top of their cash flow. No matter how successful your business appears to be, if your cash flow is insufficient, then you will struggle to fulfill those financial obligations such as wages, utility bills and transport costs that are essential to the smooth running of your business.

One way to ensure that your cash flow is under control at all times is to employ the latest in cloud accountancy software. This technology is able to keep track of profits, incomings, and outgoings, and is usually accessible from mobile devices, so business owners have the information they need at their fingertips to make the right decisions.

Say no to what isn’t necessary

The ability to take a realistic approach to your restraints is vital, particularly early on. You may be feeling enthusiastic about your new venture, but taking on clients that you can’t service or making impractical investments is a sure way to hamper your business. When you’re setting up, adopt a practical approach to any potential purchase, from smartphones to office furniture. You want to get the best possible equipment, but you don’t want to be wasting valuable resources. Focus on maximizing efficiency and getting the best return on your investment.

Accountancy you can afford

You can’t avoid the need for accountancy services, but you don’t need to waste money. Modern online accountancy services are able to handle all the needs of a small business, and usually, offer more flexibility than employing a traditional accountant. Online accounting packages also offer business managers instant access to the necessary information, helping you to keep on top of the important financial aspects of your business.

Good business management is about consistency, planning and taking practical steps to balance the need for innovation and creativity with the financial and organizational constraints that limit all businesses. With care and diligence, good business management can ensure that your business not only survives but also prospers and continues to grow in the long term.

Third Party Inspection Services Companies In India

India is a developing country and has many opportunities for business. It has many industries and all have to do the best practice by following the industrial law and compliances. Indian industries are suppliers of many raw materials to the rest of the world. It does imports and makes finished products. The suppliers and manufacturers need to do factory audits, social audits, and quality inspection. This is to see they are following the best practices. It is advisable to hire a third-party inspection to check those qualities. India inspections or inspection services in India are of local and international companies.  

Local Inspection Agency in India

The local inspection agencies are many in India. They are mostly nearby to industrial areas and conduct factory and supplier audits. They are the best for small industries. Their approach may be standard. They will have very few staffs. They are affordable as they are popular with a cheap inspection team.  

Private Inspection Agency in India

The private India Inspections use the modern approach. Few of the agencies are sister concern of major industries. They have a professional team from the industry. They are trained professionals and do all categories on industrial inspection. Few inspection companies are listed in India. They have branches all over India. They are the best medium-sized industries. They serve all sectors.

Multinational Inspection Agency in India

There are many international inspection companies in India. They are the best for big industries. They have an expert team to do diverged inspection activities. They use the modern tools and approach for factory inspection. They serve 24/7, which other agencies do not carry out. They appoint experienced and qualified professionals from India. This will eliminate language barriers. They do one of the best customer services. They are the best for periodic inspection on a contract basis. It is advisable to check their packages and hire for third-party inspection. This is the best too, when an industry is functioning in abroad nations. The MNC inspection company does have branches in major countries.  

Inspection Charges in India

The inspection charges vary with the above-mentioned agency types. The cost of inspection depends upon the criteria and nature of inspection you wish to conduct. They include other charges too. It is advisable to define your needs and check they are ready to do it for you. You can check their pricing and packages on their official website. It will be better to check their reputation before hiring. Yu can do a price comparison online and hire the best inspection service provider in India.

India Inspections follow the best practice as per the Indian industrial standards. You can rely on their tools and finding. This will make sure on quality assurance. You can reduce wastages in your factory. You will not find any quality issues by doing it as the best practices. It is advisable to hire a third party inspection team on contract basis. You can put an agreement and keep them for long-term inspection services. They will give discounts for a long-term association.   

4 Fun Team Building Activities for an Australian Company

Team buildings aren’t that popular with the employees or with the management, but HR teams keep creating them and there’s a reason for it. Teams work better if the employees have established relationships between themselves, outside of work.

It’s also a good way to help your team relax and unwind after hard work. These breaks can help productivity sometimes just by changing the scenery you’re working in and thus changing your perspective on both work and life in general. The key to these team building activities is that they keep the employees engaged while creating a bond between them.

Escape rooms


Escape rooms are really popular with Australian businesses lately and there’s a reason for it. It’s a fun activity that allows the whole team to participate and to showcase the teamwork that might even be useful on some work-related projects.

Резултат слика за Escape rooms team building

There are new rooms being opened every day and they are getting more creative as well. Themed rooms are especially popular because there’s a sense of adventure when you use them. It’s also a great activity to help you find out who the leaders on your team are.

A safari


Going on a safari is one of those activities that almost everyone has on their bucket list, but they rarely do because it seems to be too expensive or too complicated to organize. This is something a business can do for its employees in order to boost morale and to reward them after a long and an important project.

Резултат слика за A safari team building

It’s also a unique experience that the team will remember and that they can bond over. Depending on where you go and how much time you have on your hands you can get up close and personal with the animals and really have a one of a kind experience.

A short trip


The main point of a team building activity is to help you get the employees out of the office and let them work together in an environment that’s different from the one they are used to. For instance, a short trip to the capitol during which the employees can enjoy the sights and spend some quality time together can help everyone feel inspired and rested.

Резултат слика за canberra sydney trip

A company can organize a Sydney to Canberra bus trip and a good tour guide, but most of the time spent there can be unstructured, which is kind of the point. These trips don’t have to last longer than three days.

 Creative projects


Working together on creative projects is one of the best and the least expensive ways of creating a sense of cohesion between your employees and letting them showcase how well they can collaborate.

For instance, a lot of companies decide to create a mural or a painting that’s made by all the employees in collaboration and they usually showcase it to the clients. Shooting short films is also a popular option because it’s fun and it requires the employees to get out of their comfort zone. These movies don’t really have to be shown to anyone outside the office.

Сродна слика

Team building activities need to be fun and creative if they are to achieve their goal. The employees should come out of these feeling energized and closer to one another.



5 Technology Benefits Of Virtual Offices

The American landscape has been transformed by the virtual office. Once a trend, the virtual office has made working remotely more efficient. Among its many benefits, the virtual office offers businesses the flexibility in being able to move from one location to another without the added expense.

However, at the center of the remote office is the technology that makes working in this type of environment so efficient. In addition to the standard office equipment, the virtual office allows businesses access to a plethora of technologies. Servcorp virtual offices, for example, offers businesses world-class amenities in terms of IT services, standard phone services, video-conferencing, and trained staff.

To learn more about the technological benefits of the virtual offices, continue reading below.

IT Services And Trained Staff

Because remote working relies on reliable and secure internet access, the virtual office is one of the best routes to go in setting up your office. Many leading organizations are able to provide professionals with world-class IT services (high-speed Wi-Fi), which include access to email, document sharing and other apps necessary to function. Furthermore, because the information that is transmitted through the internet can be sensitive, these pathways tend to be safer than trying to work remotely independently.

While having technology around is great, you also need professionals around when you have questions, problems, and concerns. Leasing companies provide businesses and professionals with personnel trained in IT and other technologies. A highly-trained staff is important for your business because when technology works it is great, but if even one thing goes awry, you can spend hours even days trying to correct the problem. For a handy IT man, this same problem can be solved in minutes.

Standard Cable And Phone

In addition to being given a business phone number, you have a receptionist who can take calls. Because those who work remotely use the office infrequently, they need to be able to access their phone calls, and sometimes from another location. Depending on the leasing company, you might have access to your messages from anywhere in the world.  Some companies will also provide businesses with the option of giving specific instructions to receptionist by simply filling out a form online.


Another great technological benefit of the virtual office is the fact that many of the conference and meeting rooms come equipped with video-conferencing capabilities. Video-conferencing simply allows professionals to hold meetings in real time but with professionals in other locations. This is extremely essential because by virtue of the remote office professionals do not get the opportunity to engage with each other, and this particular technological tool helps bridge the communication gap.


Depending on your contract, you might have access to using some of the co-working technologies that are a part of the co-working space.  Whether you opt to use a hot desk or dedicated desk, you can spend your time working in the environment. Co-working also has another benefit in that these places tend to be the source of much networking and collaboration.

Conference And Meeting Rooms

Many of these rooms already come outfitted with the latest technologies. Usually, these rooms come fitted out with smart stations that allow you to perform all kinds of tasks. If given a simple presentation, these stations will allow you to use computer technology and a projector to display information. Many of these stations come with audio and access to the internet, and as stated above, these stations come outfitted with video-conferencing capabilities.

Commuting With Confidence

Working remotely has more benefits than disadvantages. However, because of an over-reliance on technology, the virtual office has to have the latest technologies. These technologies make running your remote office efficient and make the overall endeavor one that can be done with confidence.

Know How Citibank Cashback Or Other Bank’s Credit Cards Beneficial For You?

Different banks provide different kinds of cashback products which come to you with various attractive features. Apart from giving you the cashback privileges these also can offer you a list of other benefits as well.

To have the cashback feature, you can use your product for multiple purposes such as online shopping, dining, movies, etc. When you are using your product from any of the reasons, you are eligible to get the best cashback credit cards.

Citibank Cashback Credit Card

  • On movie ticket purchases get 5% cashback
  • On all other spends get 5% cashback
  • Across 2000 restaurants up to 20% savings

American Express Cashback Credit Card

  • On Rs 100 spent utilities, insurance, and cash transaction except for fuel you will get three payback points
  • Over 1200 restaurants enjoy 30% discount and 5% additional cash back
  • And get Rs 3,000 as a welcome voucher

ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

  • On dining, groceries, and supermarkets and you will get 2* best cashback credit cards
  • Over 800 restaurants across India through Culinary and get minimum 15% savings on dining bills
  • On fuel surcharge every time you refuel and a complete waiver of 2.5%

Why Do You Choose Citibank Credit Card?

Citibank is reputed bank in private sector, which can provide you multiple privileges. With Citibank credit card shop more, dine with family, explore with travel product, and more. You can have a lot more rewards, discounts, fuel, etc.

Citibank Fuel Credit Card

  • At Indian oil corporation outlets save more than 5% on fuel
  • On every spend of Rs 150, you will get one turbo point
  • Get 4* turbo points and enjoy fuel surcharge waiver

Citibank Shopping Credit Card

  • On the card, activation get 2,500 points
  • No joining fee
  • On spending Rs 30,000 or more in a month, and get 300 bonus points

Citibank Cashback Credit Card

  • On purchases of movie tickets, payment of telephone, utility bills and will get 5% cashback
  • On all other spends get 0.5% cashback
  • On dining select restaurants and get 15% discount

Citibank Travel Credit Card

  • On your first spend of Rs 1,000 or more within 60 days of issuance, then will get 10,000 miles or more
  • Cash withdrawal fee at 2% of the amount with a minimum of Rs 300
  • No joining fee

What Are The Conditions We Need To Know For Immediate Approval?

The conditions are simple you need to keep in mind three key factors eligibility, income, and KYC. According to the bank’s norm, you have to fit in this category. Let’s check briefly.

Eligibility For A Citibank Credit Card

  • You should be in 18 years age bracket
  • Should have a regular source of income
  • And a spotless previous history

KYC Factors For A Citibank Card

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Income Proof
  • And a recent passport size photograph

How Can You Apply For A Credit Card?

To apply for a Citibank credit card need to follow simple steps.

  • Visit the official site
  • Fill personal-professional information
  • Upload KYC with a recent passport size photograph
  • Share registered email ID and mobile number

Should You Make Payment Of Credit Cards?

For your payment, you can have net banking, autopay, mobile banking App, RTGS, and NEFT online portal services. To avail the facilities, you can register yourself. After that, the bank will drop an email to your registered ID of your User ID and password.

How To Check Monthly Bank Statement?

The bank will drop an email to your mail, after the completed one-month billing cycle or either you can visit the nearest bank branch and request for a bank statement. Through this, you know the limit, swipe report, expenses, and CIBIL score. In a case, your score is less than 750 than start working on it and upgrade yourself.

What Is Customer Care Number And How It Works?

You feel free to call on toll-free customer care number. Just need one call to the customer care executives and within a second take solution. You can have contact details on the website page.

Integrating Different Strategies: Sergey Anokhin On Strategic Orientations Portfolio

The challenge of combining several strategies

To ensure competitive advantage, firms focus their actions on specific strategies, and commit themselves to their pursuit in the long run. Business philosophies of companies can be described with the help of strategic orientation governing their actions. Two orientations have received the most recognition among management scholars – entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation. Entrepreneurial orientation has to do with proactive pursuit of risky innovations. Market orientation deals with being receptive and responsive to new market trends and careful coordination of firm activities to harness the emerging possibilities. Recently, arbitrage orientation, a novel form of strategic orientation, has been suggested by the researchers to explain firm actions aimed at the pursuit of the more “trivial” opportunities. Arbitrage orientation captures firm’s commitment to identifying and exploiting market inefficiencies, and it may manifest in the classic “buying low and selling high” operations or in the imitation of novel ideas first offered by someone else. Most firms actually pursue opportunities of this relatively trivial kind and cannot be called innovators in the grand sense with a straight face.

All of these orientations have a positive effect on firm performance. At the same time, for firms that want to build a truly defensible strategy, submitting to a single orientation logic may not be sufficient, suggests Sergey Anokhin, an Entrepreneurship Professor at Kent State University. Competitive advantage often requires building unique resource and capability combinations, so it may be desirable to manage firm’s strategic orientations as a portfolio. Yet, combining orientations is challenging, and researchers have documented that trying to pursue entrepreneurial and market orientations simultaneously may actually be detrimental for firm performance. With the novel arbitrage orientation being added to the strategic toolkit of decision makers, the problem of combining different strategic orientations in a single portfolio becomes all the more important.

Integrating Different Strategies: Sergey Anokhin On Strategic Orientations Portfolio

The intuition behind the study

The difficulty of combining entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation, explains Dr. Sergey Anokhin, has to do with their conflicting natures. While entrepreneurial orientation deals with the proactive development of innovative and risky offerings for the untested market, market orientation is reactive, and seeks to provide the firm with a straightforward, market-tested space that can be profitably served by the firm. Because most firms are resource-constrained, they find it difficult to go after both goals simultaneously, and spread themselves too thin if they choose to do both. Arbitrage orientation, while clearly different from entrepreneurial orientation, represents less of a departure from the guiding principles that govern entrepreneurially oriented firms. After all, much like entrepreneurial orientation, it has to do with the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities, albeit of a different kind than those usually targeted by the entrepreneurially oriented firms. At the same time, it is as distinct from market orientation as entrepreneurial orientation. Because of that, suggests Professor Sergey Anokhin, one may expect that arbitrage orientation and entrepreneurial orientation will work hand-in-hand, whereas the interaction of arbitrage orientation and market orientation is likely to be marred with the same difficulties that make it hard to combine entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation. Juggling three orientations is hard, but if done right, it can be successful.

Integrating Different Strategies: Sergey Anokhin On Strategic Orientations Portfolio

The study

To test these ideas empirically, a group of scholars from Kent State University and Western Michigan University has conducted a statistical analysis of the effects that these three orientations and their combinations exert on firm performance. A representative sample of firms from the Midwest was subjected to a careful investigation, and the results were fully in line with the logic outlined above. While the effect of arbitrage orientation gets stronger in the presence of entrepreneurial orientation, it weakens significantly when the firm also scores high on market orientation. That is, if the firm chooses to develop a complex strategy that implies combining several strategic orientations, going after arbitrage and entrepreneurial orientations at once looks like a winning choice, whereas trying to combine arbitrage orientation with market orientation will only make the matters worse. This dovetails neatly with the prior research that reported the same negative outcome for the combination of entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation.


The study offers novel insights for decision makers at the level of individual firms. To ensure a windfall, it is a good idea to think of various strategic orientations as a portfolio that the firm builds over time. Not all portfolios are created equal. Certain orientation combinations are clearly beneficial to the firm, while others are detrimental. It is possible that with sufficient cushion of unused slack resources the firm may be able to effectively combine all three orientations, but for a typical firm the best strategy by far is investing in combining entrepreneurial orientation and arbitrage orientation.

4 Unexpected Ways Allowing Your Employee To  Work Externally Can Be A Great Booster For Your Business

Did you know that allowing your employees to work from wherever they want can not only keep them happier and more productive but also minimize your costs and boost your business in multiple ways?

Turns out, that can transform not just how you manage people and how the day to day work processes go, but also the company vision and profits.

Let’s see why working externally is a great choice for every online entrepreneur.

1. Better work-life balance.

While it might take some time for everyone in the company to get used to the new freedom and lifestyle, in the long-run it has more positives rather than negatives. Another reason why you should choose working externally to become the norm in your business is that your employees will have better work-life balance and more time for social interactions.

They might want to be around family while doing work, to travel when they feel like, to take breaks and then work at night. Whatever that is, they will find the daily schedule that works best for them, which is impossible in the office.

2. Increased motivation.

As a result of all the other benefits of working outside of the office, you will also have a more motivated team. That means more efficiency on a daily basis, clearer communication, desire to reach the next company’s goals, brainstorming sessions during a meeting where anyone is involved, and so much more.

3. It’s easy to keep in touch and monitor remote workforce.

You might consider this a challenge as you’ll need to monitor employee performance closer than even, make sure everyone’s working on what they are supposed to, gather people for meetings, send emails and message each other all the time.

Luckily, we live in the digital era where the biggest companies have remote workers already and stay connected at all times.

You have the right tools at your disposal and can choose from a plethora of time tracking software and team collaboration tools that allow you to share files, have video calls, organize and manage projects, and track the actual time spent working and payments.

4. Cutting costs.

Last but not least, working externally means you won’t need office supplies or the actual office space anymore. Also, with the increased happiness and productivity of employees, the business will profit more.

All in all, that means spending less while earning more and is yet another reason why so many business owners prefer a remote team.

Now that you know how allowing your employees to work from anywhere can transform your business, are you ready to take the first step?

3 Ways To Use SEO To Optimize Your Ecommerce Website

Every successful e-commerce website has got one thing right: it has successfully employed tried-and-tested SEO best practices to boost sales and gain customer retention. Online stores today rely on search engine optimization for traffic, a digital marketing tool without which your potential customers have no way to find you online.

Here are three SEO best practices to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy if you want to see your revenues soaring for good.

Optimize the Category and Product Pages Correctly

The category pages on your e-commerce store should be given more importance than any other web pages. Your SEO team needs to optimize each category page for the products or services listed on that specific page.

Also, loading every product page with generic words or phrases, for instance, “women’s bags,” is a big mistake. Instead, pages should be optimized to respond to specific search queries. Brand names and product models should take precedence over generic category titles when optimizing brand pages and posts. This will ensure that when a user searches for a particular brand, that particular brand’s page will appear in search engine results. And when a user searches for something like “women bags,” the category page should show up.

If you use the same keyword everywhere, you’ll have your own different pages competing against each other. So don’t stuff your e-commerce store with inappropriate keywords that you think should be used. Take the help of a professional SEO expert to do it right.

Give each Product Page its Own Title Tag

One of the problems with e-commerce SEO is that several product pages are often given the same title tag, which makes it difficult for the search engine to differentiate between them based on the specific user query.

For SEO success, give each product page a unique title tag. You can achieve this by using key phrases (set of two or more words) instead of keywords (single words). This gives your site an added advantage as people generally use phrases, not single words, to search for things online. However, make sure that the title tag does not exceed 70 characters.

Another important point to remember when employing title phrases is to begin the title tag with the key phrase to make it more search-engine-friendly. For instance, if your title tag is “leather bags for women and girls at a discount of 50%” and you want to place more emphasis on the discount, write it this way: “50% discounted leather bags for women and girls.”

Focus on making your Website Mobile-friendly

More and more online shoppers worldwide are using their mobile phones to make all kinds of purchases—from long-term assets to high-value luxury items to articles of daily use. This means that, regardless of which products of services you are selling online, your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

As Google and other search engines are including data from mobile sites to determine a website’s search-engine ranking, e-commerce stores can no longer afford to have mobile versions that are slow or inefficient or lacking in good content. This increasing focus on mobile sites is largely user-driven—search engines are reporting that more and more users globally are now using their cell phones and tablets for online search.

Making your website mobile-friendly is easy: Avoid the use of software programs that are not mobile-friendly (a good example is the Flash Player). Use the right text size that is easily legible on both mobiles and tablets. Cellphone users will quickly abandon a web page whose content is too small or too large to read on the mobile screen. If your website’s content is designed to fit a mobile screen without the user having to scroll up and down to view the full page, you have a winner on your hands.

With a few right measures, you can drastically improve the UX of your mobile site, which will, in turn, ensure that Google considers your e-commerce site mobile-friendly and gives it the ranking it deserves.


To conclude, these were some of the major factors that influence ecommerce conversion rates, and your digital marketing team must pay due attention to these factors when optimizing your website.

Incompetent search engine optimization of ecommerce websites is often the outcome of mistakes that can be easily avoided, provided the basic rules of SEO are followed. Some of these rules are pretty basic, but in the hands of a novice digital marketing professional who is not aware of the latest SEO best practices, your website’s SEO ranking can take a big hit.

Especially if yours is an SME establishment that’s working hard to gain a stronghold in the dynamic world of online selling, experts strongly recommend that you consider your digital marketing cost an investment rather than an expense. This attitude will take your e-business places in a short span of time!

5 Tips To Start Your Own Interior Design Business

Interior designing is considered to be one of the thriving businesses these days. And in a sea full of experienced designers who came before you, you might find it hard to find your kinder tide initially.

Starting up an interior design business, like any other businesses, doesn’t have to be a nightmare though. While it is true that there is no shortcut to success, starting off lean and strong can sometimes do the trick. And if you have already decided on this new venture, then there is no point looking back.

Read on below to find out 5 tips you may consider in starting up your own interior design business.

1. Build a Slick Website

During your initial year, clients may already expect that you can’t show any portfolios yet. Hence a slick website can either make or break your debut.

Make sure that prospective clients can see a piece of you from the website. Make it a bit more personal because it relays a message across that you are an open book. Customers prefer those who are not picky about creating a rapport with them. It makes them feel more comfortable. But at the same time, make it professional as well to preserve the business side.

Now, just from building a website might already cost you a decent chunk of your capital. But don’t fuss about it, because it will definitely make a great start for you.

2. Reasonable Price or Go Pro-Bono

The best way to make a name in the industry is through the word of mouth.

Now, this might cost you a little more because you need to do a free service for at least 2 or 3 clients during your initial year at least. But still, take it as an opportunity to put your best foot forward and leave them nothing but a satisfied clientele. However, make sure that you still protect your business by being cautious of up to what extent you can do for the client.

You may even film the job you do, with the client’s approval of course, so you may add it to your portfolio in the future.

3. Show Amazing Photos of your Work

If you have done simple works before, may it be helping out a friend or one of the relatives, still grab the opportunity to boast about it? It might not be a lot, but the fact that you have something to show is a good start.

And then moving forward, ensure that you properly document each project you do and update your portfolio as you go. It is important to make sure the sample photos you bring in are shot professionally. Right angling and lighting are vital to have additional drama and effect.

4. Market Your Business on Social Media

Most, if not all, businesses nowadays use social media for marketing promotion. So, might as well take advantage of it.

It is free and very accessible to use too. And you can easily connect with several prospect clients just in one engagement post. Be visible as you can be from the online world. Create engaging posts and be responsive as much as you can. Make sure to be cautious of social media algorithm so you can stay on the newsfeed most of the time. You can reach people not just from your own country, but across the whole world too.

5. Grow Your Interior Design Business

You’ve got your website up and running, made presence through social media platforms and had some pro-Bono’s to start with as well. Now the key is maintaining the momentum.

Once you feel that the business had reached its stability, don’t be afraid to let it grow. Look around and think of other things which you can offer more to your clients. Be ready to accept change and adapt to what the current situation needs.

And if you ever feel like you need to learn more skills and techniques on how to be a better interior designer, then never limit yourself. You can enroll in an online interior design course if need be.

Final Thoughts

The good thing about starting up a business like interior designing is there’s no age limit to it. It all boils down to your passion as a designer. So don’t be afraid to take the risk and get out of your comfort zone. Or forever hold your horses.

Reasons for Using Compensation Management Software

Compensation management is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business. By compensating employees well, a business is better able to retain quality manpower. Most companies rely on spreadsheets to manage compensation information for the entire organisation. There are many disadvantages to relying on this outdated system. First, it does not offer much visibility to all stakeholders involved in the approval process. Spreadsheets are also a nightmare to consolidate which adds to the inefficiency of the process.

One major improvement in employee compensation and benefits management is the use of automated compensation software. More companies are looking to this solution because of the benefits outlined below.

A tool to involve the management chain

Part of the challenge of relying on spreadsheets is the inability to involve managers real-time. With the use of compensation software, all managers within the hierarchy can have access to each step of the process. Any amendments can be added seamlessly which accelerates the system while eliminating mistakes.

A tool to make decisions that are fair and accurate

Personalisation is one of the main features of compensation software. This means that the individual performance of each employee is factored in along with specific policies and rules. For example, it is easier to apply filters and quantifiers for new employees. In addition to this, it is also possible to incorporate references to trends in salary that are affecting and stimulating the market. The company will have a better handle on what is fair and just in terms of policies for retention.

A tool for enhanced productivity and efficiency

One of the main reasons for adopting the use of software is to increase operational productivity. This is exactly what compensation software like Curo Compensation software does. By automating the process, the workload is reduced while also enhancing the collaborative aspect of the process. One additional feature of compensation software is the ability to notify all stakeholders about each phase and inform them when amendments have been made, or the process is already closed.

A tool that allows interoperation

Managing compensation and benefits cannot be separated from other HR processes such as appraisals for employee performance. It is important that the software is integrated with other relevant and/or important processes related to HR and payroll. By interconnecting these processes, it ensures streamlining and seamless linking between all related departments.

These benefits should also serve as a guide when a company selects specific compensation management software to adopt. To ensure that you get maximum benefits, you have to take into consideration the features of the product along with the cost associated with acquisition. In choosing a specific compensation management software to adopt, it is necessary that the software itself is easy to adapt and does not require extensive training.

It is also necessary that the provider should include support for rolling out the software. You will need a team of dedicated experts and HR personnel to deliver a perfect solution that matches the needs of the company.

Catchy Name For Your Business. Inspiring Ideas from The USA

It often happens that for business success it is enough only one original detail or feature that will allocate it from the total mass of competitors and will create a unique concept. Such an example may be the name of a company. You can read about three US stores with unusual names below. Using car rental in Orlando airport, you can visit dozens of unusual places whenever and wherever you want.

  1. Zombie Apocalypse Store

Shops in Las Vegas can please with a wide variety of goods for every taste, but only in the ‘Zombie Apocalypse Store’ you can buy goods intended for survival in case of natural disasters: earthquake, hurricanes and others. In addition, the assortment of this store consists of everything that can be useful for survival in case of a zombie apocalypse. Here you can buy weapons, which are effective against zombies, protective equipment, a stock of foodstuff and many other things that will come in handy with the onset of the collapse of the existing order of things.

In this small themed store you can buy such things, about which many people do not even know. For example, you can buy for $ 100 a dry ration, which includes 200 servings of different food with a shelf life of 20 years. A filter for water purification “Self Hydrating”, consisting of six self-filling water bags deserves attention as well. You can throw such a bag into any contaminated pond or even in a puddle and after 10-12 hours you can drink clean water. This item will cost you $ 23.97. In case of a radiation emergency, stickers “RADSticker”, which can be purchased in the store for only $ 25, will be useful. With the help of this dosimeter it is possible to determine the degree of radiation exposure.

Zombie Apocalypse Store

In addition, in the store you can buy graphic stickers, mugs, flashlights, knives, hatchets, original electric shockers, as well as cool thematic t-shirts, raincoats, jackets and caps.

Prices in stores in Las Vegas are very different and depend on the type of store, the manufacturer and the quality of the goods. In this unusual shop, the prices for goods range from $ 1 to $ 116.  According to , they work every day from 10.00 to 19.00.

  1. “The Boring Store”

Constant visitors and residents of Chicago know that the current assortment of this store is the absolute opposite of what is written on the sign. Here they sell everything that super-agents may need. It worked, and now this place is extremely popular among the tourists and local buyers. In fact, the store was created to earn funding for a nonprofit learning center for novice writers, which is located in the same building.

  1. Somethingstore

An unusual store for random goods, which is called ‘Somethingstore’, can be found in New York, USA. The young entrepreneur Samy Bay, inspired by single-price shops, created his own unique trading platform. All goods in the store ‘Somethingstore’ cost the same – $ 10. This idea turned out well and will be popular for a long time. But not a single price is the main feature of this store.

The main feature is that acquiring a ten-dollar product, the buyer does not know what he or she will eventually get. The choice of the subject of purchase is given to the store itself (or sellers).

Also, there is an online store of this brand. The procedure is as follows. The customer enters the site of the service, enters the page of the order, draws up and pays for the purchase. After that, smart software will choose the goods from the catalog and send it to the buyer’s address. Delivery is free in the US. And only at home, after receiving the order, the buyer will find out what he or she has purchased. It can be a radio-controlled car, a beautiful pendant, sunglasses, perfume, tie, chopsticks or an alarm clock. It could be anything. Someone will get the thing, which suits his or her interests, someone gets a common trinket. But the most important thing is that every ‘Somethingstore’ buyer will get a real surprise.

All the purchases that were sent to the addressees are placed on the site in the last purchases section. Next to the name of the goods, the name of the city, where the order was sent, is displayed.

The random goods store has been operating since 2006. For this time, tens of thousands of people from all over the world have become its customers. The vast majority of them were satisfied with the purchase. And how can you remain dissatisfied when you get a real surprise. After all, even the most inquisitive mind cannot guess what he or she will receive in the end.

Something From

There stores are a great demonstration of how traditional business can be refined and made truly unique and interesting. You just need to add some element of the game, mystery, entertainment. And satisfied customers will surely spread this idea around the world.

Business Abroad: How To Start A Company In New Zealand

New Zealand is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world for investment and business. This state in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean is among the three countries with the world’s freest economies, according to a rating compiled by the Canadian Fraser Institute. The anti-corruption Transparency International organization has been reporting for years that there is no corruption in the public sector, therefore the country was ranked the first in the 2013 Transparency ranking. New Zealand has a strong banking system that has successfully withstood the global economic crisis, as well as a low level of bureaucracy, a high level of freedom and strong protection for investors.


The country has a well-developed agricultural and manufacturing sector of the economy, the production of dairy and meat products (in particular, mutton and beef) is the main part of the country’s GDP. In addition, the most attractive spheres for doing business are media (there is no censorship and control), education, FMCG-market, environmentally friendly technologies, banking and financial sectors. The fastest way to deal with the daily routine in various parts of Auckland is to rent a car at East Coast in Auckland.

Traffic Jam. New Zealand style.

Despite the fact that New Zealand in the ‘Doing Business 2014’ rating is not the first, to register a company in this country is easier than in the rest of the countries. New Zealand is heading the “Enterprise registration” sub-rating. In order to register a company, you need to go through a single procedure, which will take just several hours.

Company registration is carried out through the Internet – it is necessary to apply for registration in the ‘Companies Office’ online office. Registration requires the following documents:

  1. Name of the company that meets the requirements of local legislation
  2. Company Charter
  3. Memorandum between the shareholders (in the case of a joint-stock company)
  4. Information on the directors (copies of passports or constituent documents)
  5. Information on the shareholders (copies of passports)
  6. Information on the authorized capital (minimal authorized capital is not defined, there are no requirements for its payment)
  7. Information about the secretary (copy of passport)
  8. The legal address of the enterprise, as well as documents confirming the right to hold or lease.

When choosing the name of a company, it is forbidden to use the already registered name, or the name, which is completely or partially identical to the registered one. The title should not contain offensive words and expressions, hints of illegal activities. A limited liability company must contain the word “Limited” or “Tapui (Limited)” in the title. The following words are not allowed in company names: “National”, “Royal”, “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Chamber of Commerce”, “State” and “Municipal”.

The company’s registration in New Zealand will cost about NZ $ 160. NZ $ 10.22 costs the reservation of the company name and 150 NZ dollars must be paid for the company’s registration.

Beauty and the beast

Forms of business:

  1. Sole trader. A sole trader entirely controls his or her business and is fully responsible for the company’s losses and liabilities. This is the simplest organizational and legal form of business, a popular option for self-employed persons. A sole trader does not require any legal or formal registration processes at the initial stage, therefore many enterprises in New Zealand are started as sole. The profit is taxed by means of an individual IRD number at the rate of personal income tax.
  2. The partnership involves the pooling of assets of several partners (for example, individuals or companies) to conduct joint business for profit. The company cannot act as a legal entity. The separation of the responsibility area of ​​each partner is established in a written partnership agreement. The number of participants in the partnership cannot exceed 25 people. The partnership cannot own real estate in the name of this partnership. Partnership, as well as a sole trader, does not require any other registration, except for taxation. The tax is levied on the profits of each member of the partnership in accordance with the interest in the company.
  3. The company is a legal entity, which owns all assets and liabilities. It means that the obligations are usually limited to the amount invested in the authorized capital. Each company in New Zealand must be registered with the National Business Register.
  4. Trust. Trusts are created to protect assets and property planning, and therefore are usually used to manage real estate, rather than the acting business. The trust can be created for certain purposes, for example, for the education of children. Trusts are not taxpayers, however, taxes are required to be paid by the entrusted administrators.
The Cloud.

The country has a fairly simple and business-friendly tax system that supports the development of capital, research and international investment. In particular, to date, numerous agreements, to avoid double taxation, have been signed, so the income, received by the company in other countries, is not taxed.

In New Zealand, the corporate income tax rate from 2010/11 fiscal year has been reduced from 30% to 28%. According to  , in New Zealand there are no:

  • Wage tax
  • Social insurance tax (paid voluntarily)
  • Capital Gains Tax.

Most businesses in New Zealand do not require any permits. Licensing from state regulators is needed to real estate business, construction, restaurant service, alcohol trade and medicine.

Currently, free trade zone agreements have been signed with China, Australia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore and Chile.

Security, stability, and proximity to the leading financial centers of Asia are just a few of the reasons why foreign entrepreneurs start a business in New Zealand.