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7+ Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out In 2018

LinkedIn is a fast growing professional site. It is not just an online platform to showcase your CV, by it provides its users with an avenue to build and connect with other professionals too. Many employers start the head-hunting process through LinkedIn.

Therefore, you don’t have to be looking for a job for you to need a LinkedIn account, your dream job could be out there for you. You may not need to hire a LinkedIn profile writing service, for your profile to start out if you follow the outlined tips below.

Even though more recruiters are online than job seekers, it is prudent for you to have a profile that stands out from the others. Here is how:

1. Use a Professional Profile Picture

You may not believe it, but LinkedIn is a Visual Platform. The type of image you include in your profile is of utmost importance. Use a photo that shows your face clearly and at your professional best.

It is not IG or Fb where you could be cuddling a new member of the family or a day out on vacation. The photo should also be up to date. If you post a picture of years ago and you are lucky to get an interview, the recruiter will expect to see an almost similar face.

2. Highlight Your Skills

Potential recruiters don’t have time to waste to find out what your skills are. The more specific you are with your skills, the better. The recruiter needs to be able to understand what in particular you are good at, if you are a freelancer, then, what kind of freelancing do you practice, accounting, writing, etc.?

You can hire a LinkedIn profile makeover for this if you can’t find time to do it yourself. Say something different on your Tagline that will make you stand out from the crowd. After all, the title of the job will be below your profile, always.

3. Ensure that your Summary is up to Date

Any cheap resume services will ask you for an updated CV. The same information you have on your hard copy CV should be reflected on the Summary of your online LinkedIn profile. If possible, update them both at the same time.

Write your summary using the first person, and try as much as possible not to copy paste what you have on your resume. It is a chance for you to sell yourself to a potential recruiter.  Promote the skills and abilities you have acquired to any recruiter that may have an interest in you.

4. Showcase your Writing Skills

Capacity to communicate is vital to the success of any business. Using LinkedIn, you could showcase your writing skills by writing and publishing articles on your account. However, before you post the article, double check to ensure that is appropriate.

If you have a wordpress blog, you can also link it to your account. For starters, talk about the industry that you are in, what you do, etc.

5. Use Keywords in your Profile

If you use relevant keywords in your summary, skills, etc., it will make it easier for recruiters to find you. Do your research on the words related to the area you would like to specialize in, and add them throughout your profile.

When a potential recruiter searches for potential candidates using specific keywords, your chances of your profile being included in the search results, increases if you have those keywords in your profile.

However, try to include as little buzzwords as possible, in your profile. Be yourself and uniquely tell your story.

6. Add Media to Your Profile

If you have any presentations or content that you would like to include in your profile, then, do it. Adding your content or publications to your profile will help you establish yourself as an expert in a particular field. You may also be able to connect with those who have similar interests and connect with potential clients.

When you add media to your profile, using the add media button, you will be improving your information attractiveness. Add copies of awards and certificates that you have received. Add links to your portfolio and presentations you have made.

7. Be Sociable

Don’t treat LinkedIn as an online CV only, it is also a social platform. Be involved in LinkedIn Groups. These groups are avenues for you to build your network with other professionals in your industry.

Be nice to other people. Use your passion and enthusiasm to grow your professional network. It is an avenue to interact with individuals who think like you and could be going through the same challenges as you. Learn from them and share too.


When you have a profile that stands out in LinkedIn, recruiters will be able to notice you quickly. Update your information regularly. Showcase your skills through writing articles, adding slideshare presentations, etc. It is a platform for you to sell yourself to potential recruiters, maximize on it.

5 Common Causes Of Car Accidents

If you drive a car long enough, you are likely to get into an accident yourself or at least see one on the road. Accidents can range from minor fender benders that do little or nor damage to major crashes that cause serious injuries and death. To avoid car accidents, it’s important to know the common causes.

Distracted Driving

5 Common Causes Of Car Accidents

The most common cause of car accidents, at least in the U.S., is distracted driving. This has been a problem as long as cars have been around, but it’s gotten much worse over the past couple of decades with the advent of cell phones and other small wireless devices. To help lower your chances of an accident caused by distracted driving, never use a phone or other electronic device while you are driving.


Speed limits are in place for a reason: safety. If you don’t follow the posted speed, you are more likely to cause an accident. Speed limits typically reflect the amount of traffic and hazards present. Inner-city streets with lots of car and pedestrian traffic have the lowest limits, while highways and expressways have the highest one. Following the speed limit gives you time to brake properly and react to unexpected hazards.

Impaired Driving

5 Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Everyone knows that drunken drivers are more likely to cause an accident, but other impairments can also be a big risk. People on prescription medications can be impaired while driving and not even be aware of it. Sleep-deprived drivers also can be an accident risk. You should refrain from driving if you have been drinking, are overly tired or are taking a medication that lists driving impairment as a side effect.

Weather Conditions

A big contributor to car accidents is the weather. Icy or wet roads and poor visibility caused by rain, fog or snow are among the most-common causes of weather-related accidents. If you have to drive during inclement weather, you should slow your speed and make sure you are being vigilant.


There’s a reason that younger drivers pay higher insurance costs. Inexperience behind the wheel is a top cause of auto accidents. And it’s not just overall inexperience. Experienced drivers who are driving a different type of vehicle, such as a motorcycle or large truck, also can be more prone to accidents.

Car accidents kill tens of thousands of people each year in the U.S. To stay safe and avoid them, it’s important to know how they happen and take appropriate precautions.


4 Ways To Prevent Workplace Accidents

As an employee, you have a lot of investment in the company that you work for. This is where you spend most of your time, where you make your money, and where you hopefully get to realize your dreams. But there is always a chance that things could go horribly wrong at work. Getting hurt at work can not only cause problems for the business, it might impact your ability to do your job and it might cause permanent damage to your body. So what can you do to prevent accidents at work?

Be Aware

The most important thing that you can do to prevent accidents is to be aware of your surroundings and any problems that you might encounter. Most accidents occur when people are distracted and not paying attention. If you work in a physically demanding work environment, make sure you always take proper precautions. Follow all instructions for operating machinery and be extra careful when you are learning how to operate new machinery. If you have questions, ask someone who knows what to do, before you start messing around with something.

Attend Safety Training

While they may seem boring, safety trainings are some of the most important meetings that you can attend at your job. When conducted properly, these safety meetings will go over safety protocols and any new things that you need to be aware of. This is especially crucial if you are a new employee, but you shouldn’t neglect these meetings, even if you have been with a company for years. There is always something new that you can learn or you might be able to share something that can help someone else.

Report Faulty Equipment

Faulty equipment poses a huge risk, not just for company profits, but for all the employees. When something is broken or malfunctioning, it is only a matter of time before it fails or causes an accident that hurts someone. If you notice that a piece of equipment isn’t working properly, make sure you report it to the correct people. If the equipment is likely to cause an accident soon, make sure you leave a note on it so your co-workers won’t get hurt as well.

Take Care of Yourself

It is important to understand your limits and make sure that you are taking care of yourself properly. Trying to lift more than you can on your own is a fast ticket to hurting your back. Not getting enough sleep before work is a good way to be distracted on the job. Make sure that you eat properly and get enough sleep before each shift so you have the energy for work. If you get sick, make sure you call in so you can recover properly.

Despite your best precautions, sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes someone is responsible, and sometimes it is simply unavoidable. While these suggestions can help you avoid getting hurt, if the worst does happen, consider talking to a personal injury lawyer about compensation for lost wages or medical treatment. They have the resources to get you the help you need so you can get the support you need as your recover.

Important Facts About Electric Hoists Your Boss Can Ask You

Choosing an electric chain hoist is not a piece of cake for everyone. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration while working with a hoist. We need to make sure that it will give quality results on time. Moreover, you must also ensure that the hoist you are picking will satisfy all your requirements and might not create any discrepancies while working.

If you are placing an order, there might be few questions your boss ask you have to convince him that the electric hoist you have chosen is appropriate to satisfy your needs.

Let’s read out below questions and prepare yourself for a valid answer-

What constant voltage and amps are needed to use this hoist!

It is a challenging task to solve the major issues when dealing with electric chain hoist. They draw enough amperage but do not allow voltage or amp draws when you’re using these types of products. It is an important question you must ask yourself and make sure the job site of the project will offer you desired results consistently so that the hoist will work as needed.

Is the structure and rigging that have been provided are appropriate for the specific application?

When using any type of beam, it is a noticeable fact that a lot of force will be encouraged in the result. Technically, for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So, for lifting a 1-ton weight, the beam must be capable of holding that weight. It is also necessary that the beam or any structure that you are mounting must be managed well and electric hoist should be stout enough to hold it.

How much minimum gauge is required as per the extension cord length?

Technically, the thinner a gauge cord is, the thicker a cord becomes that will allow to carry the intended voltage to the hoist to ensure that it will be sufficiently powered. It is similar to the flow of water via a garden hose. Electricity and related versions of power like air are akin in this context. You will need a short extension cord and the small gauge cord keeping in mind the distance with which you are away from a power source.

In a Nutshell

Let’s give a look on the above questions to prepare yourself so that you can give a satisfactory answer to all the queries raised by your boss and concerned people. It will make you better analyse your requirements and check whether the electric hoist you are picking is worth or not.

Author Bio

This blog post has been written by a Bishop Lifting Services member who is an expert writer to impart intense knowledge of electric chain hoists and its different versions.

Sales Force Automation Software

Sales Management Systems for exact Solutions and Fast Results

Sales management system is an irreplaceable tool for organizing the productive work of the commercial department. It allows you to automate the entire sales cycle – from attracting to post-sales services.

The work of the sales department in many companies resembles a “black box”, in which incomprehensible but active processes occur: at the entrance there is a certain number of contacts of potential customers, at the output there is a certain result. In this situation, it is extremely difficult to control the work with clients and evaluate the work of the managers. Moreover, you have to guess where the reserves for increasing sales are hidden.

The task of any sales team is to sell more and increase profits. To help the seller, the market offers a huge number of tools designed to automate certain tasks. A complexSales force automationsystem is really capable of automating all routine operations, freeing up time for more effective business tasks.

Top 5 Sales Force Automationsystems for your Business

  • Bpm’online sales

Sales Force Automation Software

Bpm’online sales force automation is a cloud CRM-system for professional management of sales of all types – from short orders to long corporate transactions. The product is a single platform for managing the full cycle of work with the clients – from attracting to post-sales services, aligning the marketing, sales and service processes.

  • Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a web-based CRM software designed for small and midsize businesses. The sales force automation helps businesses build better connections with their customers and generate new leads. The sales and marketing automation tools help in tracking new opportunities and converting more leads in less time.

  • Claritysoft

Claritysoft is a CRM solution designed for midsize and large enterprise businesses. It offers sales automation, customer service and support, marketing automation and social CRM.

The CRM makes it easy to manage sales activity. It allows evaluating and proactively managing sales activity, tracking the products and services your customers have bought, tracking sales for all your accounts.

  • Salesforce

Sales Cloud of Salesforce offers five different package options to choose one based on your business’s needs and budget. Sales Cloud consolidates everything from your contacts, social networking accounts, and analytics tools.

  • Pipedrive

Pipedrive is an easy to use sales CRM that allows easy and fast access to your contacts, creating tasks and taking meeting notes wherever you are. It helps you focus on the right contacts and gives you more control over your sales results. The system helps to see the whole process, and then guides to keep everyone focused on the activities that drive deals to close.

The advantage of a sales force automationsystem is the ability to integrate all the systems and applications used by the sales department into a single information space. The mobile version allows access to information about customers and transactions on any mobile device and anywhere in the world 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!